Same boat sinks for second time in area of Cap de la Nau

Twelve people, including an experienced skipper, were rescued by other boats in the area.

An image of the stricken boat. Photo: J.M Mortes

Monday 23rd August 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The same boat. The same site. This Sunday, a boat sank again in the vicinity of Cabo de la Nao and it so happened that it was the same boat that suffered the same incident a week ago.

One of the occupants told XAD that they had rented the boat for 12 people and that “they gave us that one”. They arrived at Cap de la Nau, with a skipper who is a lifeguard in Dénia and who knew how to navigate on the water and “suddenly water began to enter”. According to the occupant, they tried to return to port but “it was impossible”.

They were rescued by three boats who were in the area, two of them from Xàbia and the other from Dénia, who heard and saw the occupants in the water. They were able to return them to land. But, at the bottom of the sea, in the vicinity of Cap de la Nau, lie “many of our personal objects”.

The boat was recovered by Salvamento Marítimo and return to port where it is awaiting repair.

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