Rotary Club Jávea presents “Compartir Marina Alta” forum to Xàbia mayor

The forum will allow civil, business and institutional representatives to discuss the future development of the region.

Thursday 21st April 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: original article – Xàbia AL DÍA

The board of directors of the Rotary Club Jávea held a meeting with the mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, in order to present him with the details of the “Compartir Marina Alta” forum that they have organised together with the other Rotary clubs of the Marina Alta and will be held on May 12th and 13th at the Teulada Moraira Auditorium.

The meeting was attended by the president, Toni Marí, the secretary, Andrea Salerno and Luis Santos, who explained to Chulvi how the event will take place and the seven working groups that have been set up to share the solutions and challenges to be faced by those living and working in the Marina Alta. Each of them will deal with agriculture, economy, environment, health, tourism and education and work; there will also be a table of mayors and a table of journalists from the region. The scientific researcher and disseminator, José Miguel Mulet, will also deliver a conference.

After the talk, the mayor stressed that “the entire process that has taken place has been very interesting, from the idea that emerged years ago of Compartir Comarca to the transformation of what is now Compartir Marina Alta, to give it a new dimension and update it. to the current moment. Compartir Marina Alta is a forum that is divided into two days in which we will talk about very important issues for our region. It will be an opportunity for mayors to discuss and seek solutions to the problems that this area has. The Marina Alta cannot be understood without knowing that it has a wonderful coastline as well as an interior with a lot of capacity. We are a region that merges two provinces, Valencia and Alicante, but also merges the good relationship that must exist between the coast and the interior and a region in which nearly 100 different nationalities live. And, Compartir Marina Alta is a chance to share all this and the desire to face the future together and promoting what makes us unique, under the values ​​of solidarity and justice”.

For his part, Toni Marí, president of the Rotary Club of Jávea, organizer of the forum, together with the Rotary Clubs of Dénia, Calpe and Benissa, explained that “as the civil society that we are, we must work for the region, so that it is necessary for us to bring together politicians and society so that they make the important decisions for the development of this region“.

In this sense, Andrea Salerno, secretary of the Rotary Club of Jávea, pointed out that “when Toni Marí forms his team (in Rotary Jávea) he told me that the most important project for him would be to start up the sessions that were held in his two previous presidencies, to join civil, business and institutional efforts so that the region has an important development. This project is very ambitious, but when the mayor of Jávea decides to support and promote it, even more so”.

And, Luis Santos added that “when we decided to take up this project again, the first doubt that came to mind was the issues to be addressed, since the range is very wide. Among the issues that will be addressed is healthcare and we will try to answer questions such as, is there the same healthcare for people who live near the hospital or for those who live in more distant towns? We include this discussion to deal with the specific changes that are needed to improve the attention to all the inhabitants of the Marina Alta”.

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