Repair work begins on Caleta wall in Xàbia Port

The one million euro plus project will take nine months to complete and resolve a dangerous situation in the port.

Friday 16th April 2021 | CARLOS LÓPEZ; translation MIKE SMITH

Emergency works to repair the collapsing wall of Caleta in the port of Xàbia began a few days ago and are already affecting the traffic flow through the port area.

Located next to the old Civil War bunker system, the project is the second to be carried out by the Ministry of Works in the area and workers will be reinforcing the part of the wall in the Caleta del Port that was not included in the first project.

At the moment, contractor Vialobra has applied a first layer of pressurized concrete to the part of the wall that is next to the old bunker, work that has meant that traffic is being diverted through the car-park of the fish market so that the workers can carry out the repair work on the section where the landslide occurred last November.

The project has an estimated cost of just over a million euros and will take around nine months to complete. The work involves the construction of an active wall with prefabricated concrete slabs that will be enclosed by a wall of solid rock fill and concrete structure which will be supported by retaining walls.