Puig says Valencian region launches tourism campaign with “optimism”

He also calls on seeking a solution on restrictions established by the UK since the Valencian region is in a better situation.

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Tuesday 11th May 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has emphasized that the region is approaching the start of the next tourist campaign with “optimism” after the Comunidad Valenciana reaches eight weeks as the autonomous community with the lowest incidence rate of COVID-19 and one of the European zones with the best epidemiological situation, and has called on the European Union to ensure that a framework exists that eases the movement of people this summer.

The president made his comments during a presentation of the promotion campaign “Quien lo ha vivido lo sabe” which has been developed by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana to show off the attractions of the Valencian region as a safe tourist destination.

Puig stresses that this campaign “tunes in” with the current reality because “it is time to show the world again” how the Comunidad Valenciana is, and to lay the foundations “not only of an economic recovery but also of an emotional recovery”.

The president highlighted that the containment of the pandemic in the Valencian region has been a result of the “sacrifice” of the Valencian people and the “strength and enormous rigor” of its health professionals, which, accompanied by the rate of vaccination, makes it possible to meet the goal set to prepare for the start of the summer season in the best condition.

He added that it is “fundamental” that an adequate framework of trust is generated at European level, with measures from the EU institutions to ensure movement. “Europe needs to return to that common space in which all Europeans can move,” he said, stressing the need to fund PCR tests so that “there is no inequality in access to tourism”.

The president also admitted that the regional government is “concerned” and “worried” in seeking a solution to the movement restrictions established by the United Kingdom, suggesting that “it is not understandable” that such measures be established for the Comunidad Valenciana when the region’s epidemiological situation is better than that of the UK.

Advertising Campaign

The regional tourism minister, Francesc Colomer, explained that the promotional campaign “Quien lo ha vivido lo sabe” aims to give a voice to those who have visited the Comunidad Valenciana to convey their emotions, using resources such as tracing a parallel between the vision of the poet and playwright Lope de Vega and the feelings that can be discovered in the region.

The campaign will bot only be broadcast nationally and across the region but also internationally and there have been a number of pieces prepared for television and social networks, print media, radio spots, and media for online portals, all of which will deliver the diverse products in line with the tourist strategy promoted by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana.

In addition to gastronomy and wine tourism, the inland zone and the Mediterranean, active and sports tourism, and cultural tourism, the campaign will highlight other attractions such as youth tourism, family tourism and LGTBI tourism. It also adapts to seasonal tourism with publicity created that promotes travel to our region throughout the year.

To promote participation and publicize the initiative beyond the media, an online portal has been activated – www.quienlohavividolosabe.com – where users can post their own photos of the Comunidad Valenciana or discover the locations where the promotion material has been shot.

The initiative will evolve so that other voices will join that of Lope to complete the vision of the Comunidad Valencian through poetry as well as experiences told by visitors. In addition, it will continue with the creative line started in 2016 with “Mediterráneo en Vivo” and will be accompanied by information and awareness campaigns to promote the Comunidad Valenciana as a safe destination.

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