PSOE Xàbia launches website to develop its electoral manifesto with resident opinions

The party has already held five sectoral meetings to address essential issues such as housing, the economy, mobility, youth, culture or social services.

Friday 10th March 2023
Mike Smith

The PSOE of Xàbia has released the tool to develop “the most collaborative program in history”. This is a survey with multiple choice questions and space for opinion hosted on the website which is available in Spanish, Valencian and English.

Residents have the opportunity to comment on different areas of municipal management such as social services, youth, security, cleaning, housing, urban planning, economy, festivals, culture, sports, tourism or sustainability.

Xàbia Mayor and socialist candidate, José Chulvi explained that “ours has always been an accessible government, that you can see it and you can touch it. And now we have wanted to transfer that spirit to a program that will be the most collaborative that Xàbia has ever had”.

However, this website does not replace direct contact and Chulvi clarified that “in addition to the daily conversations that our entire team has been having in recent years with anyone who has requested it, we have held meetings with people of the most representative sectors of Xàbia and we are going to take into account all their opinions and proposals.

Likewise, Chulvi announced that there is still one last meeting to be held “to which we attach great importance: the one we will hold with the boys and girls. We want them to tell us what the Xàbia that they imagine is like so that, together, they can make it possible”.

The objective is to achieve an “exciting, achievable and realistic manifesto that guarantees that Xàbia continues to be an extraordinary place and continues to lead the creation of employment, the attraction of investment and the defense of the quality of life of all of us who live here”.

He clarified that “the electoral manifesto is not a wish list but a working document that we take very seriously. And the proof is that it has always guided our work. And when it has not been possible, for whatever reason – abandonment of companies, the pandemic, natural disasters, price increases or legislative obstacles – we have clearly explained why. Precisely respecting the program has been the key to achieving this period of stability and security that had not occurred in other stages of the xabiera policy.

Councilor Kika Mata and the members of the candidacy Rosana Sapena and Josep Vicent Miralles were also present with José Chulvi, who explained how the webpage works as well as the mechanics of the survey itself.

The PSOE invited all residents to participate, “regardless of their ideology and with total freedom.” Likewise, through the page there is the possibility of making appointments with any member of the candidacy as well as receiving information on any aspect of municipal management or the projects of the next legislature.