Protección Civil Xàbia carried out 2,895 hours of forest surveillance during a summer without major fires

The preventive task and the presence of a permanent fire station allow the municipality to close the summer period without fires.

Friday 14th October 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Ajuntament de Xàbia

The Protección Civil Xàbia has taken stock for their surveillance campaigns in the forested areas of the municipality during Easter and over the summer months from June to October 12th, a task in which it collaborated with the Department of Citizen Security and Emergency Prevention.

The volunteers provided a total of 2,895 hours of service, mainly preventative and surveillance, some of which was provided at night, such as during the Alert 3 fire risk status declared during the August 15th holiday weekend. This effort, together with the opening of the municipality’s first permanent fire station, meant that Xàbia was able to finish the summer season with any major fires.

There were several small outbreaks – the Saladar, the area of Cuesta de San Antonio, the orchards of the Montgó and off the Jesús Pobre road – which were quickly extinguished as well as one rubbish container fire. Volunteers from Xàbia also cooperated in emergencies in other municipalities, such as the fire on Tossal Gros in Teulada and the great fire of the Vall d’Ebo in which they were able to cooperate in logistical tasks.

The Protección Civil Xàbia also participated in three search-and-rescue operations for missing people in the municipality as well as the evacuation of a women injured on the path to Castell de la Granadella, amongst others. Volunteers also participated in providing preventative service to major events and fiestas, such as the Fogueres de Sant Joan, the Moros i Cristians, the fiesta honouring Mare de Déu de Loreto and TriXàbia.

Both mayor José Chulvi and the councillor responsible for Security, Juan Ortolá, expressed their gratitude for the important role that the voluntary body plays in the security of Xàbia and highlighted their professionalism and predisposition in the face of emergency.

The town hall representatives also expressed their thanks for the reinforcement in fire response providing by the Provincial Fire Brigade which, for the first time, provided the municipality with a permanently-manned fire station during the summer months, thus reducing the response times to any emergency and making it possible to tackle fire outbreaks more quickly and prevent them from becoming more dangerous infernos.

Original Article: Protección Civil Xàbia realiza 2.895 horas de vigilancia forestal en un verano sin incendios