PP: “Xàbia is just one step away from losing Cala del Tangó”

Spokesperson Rosa Cardona warns that the once-popular beach will be “gone forever” unless the local government acts.

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Friday 3rd September 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The Partido Popular de Xàbia has released a statement claiming that Xàbia is just one step away from losing Cala del Tangó after it was announced that the regional government will be carrying out work to place giant 4.5-ton blocks on what little is left of the beach to protect the sea wall and the restaurant.

Spokesperson Rosa Cardona said that in 2020 her party has proposed to the council that it regenerate and recover both the iconic coves of Tangó and Ambolo “so that they don’t disappear from our history, tradition and heritage”, reminding all of the promise that the regional government had already announced the regeneration of the beach at Cala Tangó in 2017. “Nothing has been heard of that promise”.

She explained that the 2020 proposal from PP was approved but nothing was done until now when the regional government has returned and, instead of fulfilling what was promised back on 2017, it has decided on a project that will be result in giant containment stones being placed on what remains on the beach and the seawall reinforced. “Tangó will be forever gone.”

The statement delves into a little bit of history, explaining how when the Gorgos river flowed into the sea at the end of Avenida Jaime I before it was re-directed to its current location, debris was deposited on the beaches of La Grava and Cala Tangó. Nowadays there are few occasions when the river carries water and debris, resulting in the beach at Cala Tangó disappearing and that of La Grava diminishing slowly.

Cardona said that “if we don’t want to lose the beach of La Grava, we will have to deposit stones. But what can we do at Cala Tangó which has already disappeared?”, adding that everything that has been proposed and promised has ended with nothing being done, except a new proposal to cover the coves with giant breakwater blocks. “Is that the only solution?”

She asks why it is apparent that the regional government and the local government in Xàbia is not communicating with each other? “[The mayor] has not demanded from the regional government what they promised us in 2017, or what we all committed to in the August 2020 plenary session”.

“Once again, the regional government has picked up its pick and shovel but not to recover the Cala Tangó as we all expected,” she lamented, explaining that the cove will be filled with giant stones that lengthen the current eastern breakwater of the port and when the project is completed “we will longer see the white pebble stones of this corner of Xàbia”.

Cardona said that the PP was convinced that among the possible alternatives, the demands of the residents have not been listened to. “It is time to stop the award process and not give up the cove,” she said, whilst acknowledging that safety is paramount and that the seawall must be reinforced correctly whilst also addressing the problem of landslides, which have not been discussed. “The cove must … be recovered as it has always existed”.

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