PP: “The Chulvi government is unable, once again, to prepare a budget”

“This Council has to set a good example in its actions and be consistent.”

Foto: Facebook - Populares Xàbia

The Xàbia branch of the Partido Popular (PP) have launched a scathing attack on the government of Mayor José Chulvi. In a press release, the party led by Rosa Cardona, criticised the council’s lack of budgets and the lack of proper rainwater drainage for the newly-developed car-park in the port.

“Apparently in Xàbia it is has become the norm to extend the municipal budget year after year, eliminating debate, removing the political initiatives of the government and the opposition, removing a guide where the actions are reflected to be done in a year, or not knowing which roadmap to follow, acting by the inertia of what is emerging on the fly.

The inability to manage, having income and not spending it, has removed the ability to prepare an annual budget. It is an action that harms the residents of Xàbia by hindering the daily operation of the city council, preventing the regularization of the situation of city workers or stopping the police from having a greater presence.

The solution to having new budgets for 2022 will be to spend a lot in 2021, so hopefully with a lot of common sense.

Parking in the Port

Another issue questioned by the PP in the last plenary session was the car-park in the port. The conditioning of two plots of about 4,000m2 for parking use in the area of ​​the Port of Xàbia has already been completed.

The PP regrets that in that public work, before the asphalting, a rainwater drainage network was not planned or installed to prevent all the rainwater from the 4,000m2 plot of the car park from draining and flooding Calle Santisimo Cristo del Mar and Avenida Lepanto.

The socialist government, in the December plenary session, stated that once the work is completed, it will carry out the rainwater network, but not inside the car park, but will do so outside the car park on Avenida del Puerto. Another brilliant idea as a result of the lack of technical foresight in municipal works.

The question of why the existing trees were not maintained before the work was no longer answered. In reality, this land should be a green area, as provided for in the current General Plan, it has now become a car park, a change only justified if the municipal government replaces the loss of the green area of port area.

On the other hand, the old dry stone wall in the plot has been replaced by a concrete wall and the old stone has remained inside. A mistake by the municipal government in failing to comply with the unanimous agreement of July 2016, for the inclusion of the “dry stone margins” as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. Moreover, the replacement of a dry stone wall by a reinforced concrete wall, violates the Intangible Heritage of Humanity and the principles of the European Landscape Convention of Florence.

This Council has to set a good example in its actions and be consistent. It cannot demand citizens that they replace dry stone walls and respect the cultural heritage, and then that the city council neither values ​​them, nor maintains them nor preserves them.”

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