Proposal to recover beaches of Tango and Ambolo for 2021

The Populares Xàbia will be forwarding a motion at this Friday’s full council meeting to re-open the iconic beaches of Tango and Ambolo which have been closed to the public due to safety concerns for some time. Rosa Cardona, leader of the political group in Xàbia, will be presenting the idea for debate this week, pushing for positive action to be taken so that these natural areas can be open for summer 2021.

In a statement released to the press, Cardona says that Xàbia is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain and the Comunidad Valenciana and this has been demonstrated throughout this summer by the difficulties anticipated due to the COVID-19 health crisis, together with the restrictions that have had to be enforced, being exceeded.

She added that the town depends on the tourism sector, especially residential tourism, a seasonal and summer tourism that seeks tranquility as well as the charm of the coast with its beautiful and incomparable beaches and coves. She agreed that it has been necessary to take measures to guarantee social distancing on the beaches, to restrict access to them and limit their capacities, and even close roads and paths that lead to them to be able to comply to the regulations but added that the town’s wide range of beaches doesn’t cover the demand of beach tourism, not only now due to the application of the measures that have restricted access, but even before the health crisis hit the country as beaches and coves that had easy access to the sea became saturated.

The statement said that a long-standing demand of the Populares has been to recover and regenerate two of Xàbia’s iconic beaches, the one at Ambolo and the small beach of Tango which has now largely disappeared after the ravages of Storm Gloria. They claim that both locations continue to deteriorate as the years pass and it is becoming more difficult to recover them and re-open them to the public, adding that shouldn’t be a crazy proposal but has become a concern for Xabieros and Xabieras as well as visitors to the town.

Thus, the Populares proposes that procedures start in order to main and conserve our heritage and natural environment, to continue working so that ALL of Xàbia’s beaches continue to generate both landscape and economic wealth for the municipality and that the administration continues to support the objective of achieving the environmental, economic and social stability that the town deserves.

The motion to be presented on Friday calls on the Council to send a request to Central Government and the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge on which the General Directorate of Costa depends in order to be able to:

1. Allocate the appropriate budget to initiate the procedures to carry out urgent work to control landslides in Ambolo and adapt the cove so that it can accessed safely and enjoyed from next summer.

2. Allocate the appropriate budget to take the appropriate and urgent measures to regenerate the iconic Tango beach so that it doesn’t disappear from our history, tradition and heritage.

SOURCE: Press Release – Populares Xàbia

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