Pepa Gisbert will be new councillor for Town Planning

CPJ councillors Juan Ortola will assume the responsibility for Citizen Security whilst Susana Ern will take on Heritage, Municipal Market and Weekly Market.

Archive Photo: Pepa Gisbert with the Chief of Police, José Antonio Monfort.

Monday 4th October 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

Councillor Pepa Gisbert has been handed the Town Planning portfolio after the re-shuffle of the local government of Xàbia which has been announced today (Monday) by mayor José Chulvi in response to the resignation of Isabel Bolufer from local political life.

The former Citizen Security councillor will assume the responsibility as head of a difficult department and her previous role will be taken on by Juan Ortolá, representative of the independent Ciudadanos Por Jávea (CPJ) party, who will also take on the responsibility for Transport and Taxis, areas that have historically had independent formation.

The other CPJ councillor, Susana Ern, will take on the department of Heritage, Municipal Market and Weekly Market, which was dependent on the Economic Development area. Additionally, Doris Courcelles will assume responsibility for Foreign Residents, a role which had been held by Kika Mata, which will see her workload eased a little.

It remains to be seen what sort of remuneration will be offered to the CPJ councillors. At this new stage, however, when Isabel Bolufer leaves, she will do so as one of the four full-time contracts that exist in the socialist team; the remaining three are Ximo Segarra, Pepa Gisbert and Kika Mata. The mayor himself charges only for attendance.

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