Olivia Clemente will reign as Queen of the Fogueres de Sant Joan 2022

The elections and presentation took place in a controlled environment in order to kick-start the fiesta programme as the pandemic situation lessens.

Sunday 3rd October 2021 – ÁLVARO MONFORT with Mike Smith

After the excitement of the first half of the evening, the Fogueres de Sant Joan continued to present the young people of Quintà 2022 “La Retornà” to the town as well as announce the main charges which will representing them during the special edition next June.

As the sweltering evening turned into night, the friends and family of the 2022 representatives took their seats inside the sports pavilion in the port and, as always, they were required to follow all the required health protocols, including the obligation to wear facemasks. They enthusiastically applauded as the young people were presented in pairs, removing their masks briefly to make the feeling as normal as possible, before replacing them after all the applause and necessary photos.

After another fashion show featuring some of the creations of young local fashion designer Rubén Bisquert, with hair by Iván Quiroga from Charlie & O and make-up by María Sobrino, the much-anticipated announcement of the main representatives of the Quintà 2022.

After the president of the Quintà 2022 were announced – Clara Buigues Buigues and Sergio Diego Frías – the Fogueres Queen 2022 was revealed to be Olivia Clemente Ferrándiz with Laura Calavia Zellinger as First Lady of Honour and Júlia Pineda Salvá as Second Lady of Honour. This newly appointed quintet will join the positions of 2021 and 2020 to experience one of the most unique and special editions of Fogueres de Sant Joan after the suspension caused by the months of greatest uncertainty of the health crisis.

As with the 2021 elections, these charges brought a few more curious coincidences, not least that the Fogueres Queen 2022 formerly held the title of Infantil Fogueres Queen 2013, so the same person has reached the maximum representative titles of the Fogueres de Sant Joan on two occasions, something that is rather unusual. In addition, the First Lady of Honour held the same position in the infantile court in 2012.

Councillor Kika Mata (Fiestas) assured everyone that, if the conditions are met so that the celebrations can be held as normally as possible in 2022, each Quintà will have its own leading role and prominent place during the festivities next June, although some acts will have to be carried out jointly. In total, there will be 170 young people who will star as the main protagonists of Fogueres 2022, an edition that will go down in history and that will surely be welcomed by the town and enjoyed with a special intensity.

As with the earlier presentation, the marathon night was hosted by Carla Pons and Lucía Ferrando and, as usual, all proceeds of the ticket collection will be donated to charity, specifically to Cáritas San Bartolomé and Cáritas Nuestra Señora de Loreto.

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