No offers received to remove the cables from Casa Candelaria

No bids have been submitted for the project which was valued at just over 41,000 euros.

Monday 26th September 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Carlos López (XAD)

It has been reported that Xàbia Council has received no contract bids for the project to remove the cables that surround the Casa Candelaria / Casa dels Xolbi in the historic centre, one of the oldest buildings in the town which had to be propped up after one of its walls was suspected to be in danger of complete collapse.

The old house has been propped up since last July, two large steel structures having been erected to support one of its walls which has meant the closure to vehicles of the Calle L’Escola. A grand renovation project has been proposed, with the intention that it will be financed by the regional government, and the local council was seeking bids for the contract for associated work.

This includes the removal of all external cables that run along the façade of the house, including the public lighting network, low-voltage network, data and telephone network cables, a contract that had an initial bid price of just over 41,000 euros.

However, no bids have been submitted for this specific contract and the local council must now decide whether to re-open the tender process or to carry out the work using the town hall’s own means, something that would seem difficult and consequently that would be the reason why it was trying to find an outside company to carry out the work.