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Reproduced with the kind permission of Guiomar Ramírez-Montesinos at xabiaaldia.es with translation by Christine Betterton-Jones


javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | Bloc-Centristas

Bloc-Centristas: (Winner last time around, both horse and jockey now looking tired)
Had seven Councillors in 2007. In four years they have managed to alienate everyone, making decisions contrary to popular opinion, such as the purchase of the underground car parks for 13.2 million euros. Although putting themselves up as the only defenders of "no" to port expansion, punishment at the polls will be noticeable.
Two councillors.

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | Bloc-Montfort

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | PP

PP: (New young filly, but with apprentice jockey under strict management from the stables).
Five councillors in 2007. Fifteen months after the elections, the Bloc-Centristas broke a pact with the PSPV and formed a government with the PP, which, except for the active Councillor of Economic Development, has done or said almost nothing since, except to support the Mayor with votes. The new candidate is trying to break with the past of the local PP. He'll recover some votes, but many will be shared among the other parties. This one is difficult to call.
Three or four councillors.

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | PP-Castello

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | PSPV

PSPV: (Horse from established stables, jockey experienced, but wears a red shirt)
Four councillors in 2007. This will surely be the largest party in the upcoming elections. José Chulvi has proven to be the most prepared candidate, representing the interests of all Jávea's people irrespective of political colour, betting heavily on the modernization of administration, tourism as an economic engine and citizen participation. The enthusiasm and optimism that he generates exceeds that which the Bloc-Centristas had in 2007. However, it is possible that the colour of his shirt is too much for some to stomach.
Seven or eight councillors.

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | PSPV-Chulvi

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | Nueva Javea

Nueva Jávea: (Surprise front runner last time, now has new jockey)
Four councillors in 2007. They were the great success story and received the vote of many conservative foreigners, thanks to Vasbinder and Dean, as well as the vote of many young people. But now they have lost Anton, and with him a good number of foreign voters. At the same time, the group has shown strength and has worked to defend the peoples' interests throughout the last Administration. Unlike other independent groups, whose followers tend to decrease rapidly, they will maintain a level similar to that of 2007 since they have incorporated more Spanish and javiense in their ranks.
Three or four councillors.

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | NJ-Planelles

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | Ciudadanos Por Javea

Ciudadanos por Jávea: (Back marker which turns up at every race)
One councillor in 2007. This party has been part of the government team since the beginning of the Administration, but has always maintained a low profile. As president of the Commission of San Juan Fiestas and the chairman of the Casa de Andalucía it has important assets, and has faithful voters. However, the dilution of votes among 8 parties may mean they can't make the weight.
One councillor or none.

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | CPJ-Ortola

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | Xabia Democratica

Xàbia Democrática: (The dark horse, an unknown filly with young jockey)
This new party will be the sensation of these elections. With a major gamble on citizen participation and a wide social representation, including groups of traders, residents and fiestas, members of sports clubs and even Fontana canal users - also don't forget the British community. Very well represented by people involved in associations.
Three or four councillors.

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | XD-Anton

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | Eqsuerra

Esquerra Republicana, Junts per Xàbia: (Young, locally bred horse, inexperienced jockey)
They could capture a share of the nationalist vote because they are committed to traditional values and a resounding "no" to the port, plus Web 2.0 administration and citizen participation. However, they are racing against Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, which is not as highly valued in the Comunidad Valenciana. On the plus side, they do have a number of independents.
Councillors: One or none.

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | ERPV-Ivorra

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | UCID

Unión de Ciudadanos por la Democracia: (Untrained horse, Jockey likely to be unseated at the first hurdle)
Their formation is so new that it hardly gives them time to stand for election. Created in part by a split within the PP, this reminds me a little of parties like the CPJ and the late GIX. This is a very weak candidacy.
One or none.

javeamigos.com | LOCAL ELECTIONS 2011 | UCID-Ortin

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Monday 9th May 2011