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Saturday 31st March 2012

javeamigos.com | MIRADOR CHALLENGE 2012

The Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers (CBMW) may have swept the board at the end of the second edition of the Mirador Challenge last Saturday 31st March, but all 17 teams which took part in this 27 kilometre walk along Jávea stunning coastline can be proud to have completed the route in less than eight hours – all of them smashing the previous record of 8 hours and 22 minutes!

Some 76 walkers gathered at La Granadella viewpoint, many of them having been transported by courtesy coach laid on by the town hall after leaving their cars close to the finish-line at Els Molins. At 8.00 a.m. local team BANDOLERS was the first team to be sent on its way with a cheery farewell, its four walkers receiving generous applause from their fellow competitors as they wound their way down the slope from the mirador and began the 2012 edition of the Mirador Challenge.

At four minutes intervals, the other 16 teams drawn from across the region were sent on their way, picking their way through the remote Parque Forestal of Granadella towards the next mirador and the thirteen more that followed it. Accompanied by representatives from the Cruz Roja, the column of walkers covered the sections in spectacular times and almost caught out the organisers who worked frantically to ensure that the challenge ran as smoothly as possible. If the teams didn’t notice the ensuing chaos then they succeeded!

The first team arrived at Els Molins just before 1 p.m. and over the next three hours, the other teams arrived tired but happy to have completed the challenge. Once all the times had been collated and analysed, the CBMW CABRAS were found to have walked the course the quickest with a time of just 4 hours and 22 minutes, exactly four hours FASTER than the 2011 effort by The Originals, who were the first team to have walked this new challenge just twelve months earlier. The second fastest team was the CBMW JABALIS, who were just a minute slower with 4 hours and 23 minutes. And in third place was the CBMW LADIES who completed the course in 4 hours and 33 minutes and picked up the fastest ladies team award. The teams received their trophies and a bottle of celebratory cava from Juan Luis Cardona, the councillor responsible for Sport in Jávea who has lent great support to the concept.

In addition, CBMW JABALIS were awarded the special stage prize for the fastest team which covered the section from the Punta de l’Arenal to the Cap de San Antoni, a distance of almost 6 kilometres combining flat coastline and steep cliff path. They recorded a time of 1 hour and 3 minutes, exactly the same time as CBMW LADIES but were awarded the trophy on the strength of having completed the tie-breaker section just a minute faster. Whilst most of the remaining teams covered the distance within 90 minutes; it was rumoured that one team stopped for delicious tapas in the port whilst another recharged with cooling Mojitos to help them along way, perfect under a very warm spring sun!

A special award was also given to LOS SHERPAS DE JÁVEA, the fastest local team which covered the course in 5 hours and 8 minutes and the walkers with the biggest smiles were THE G TEAM who started with the primary intention of enjoying themselves and crossed the finished line in 7 hours and 54 minutes, perfectly summing up the idea of the Mirador Challenge; it’s not all about racing to be the quickest but about taking part and setting a personal challenge just to complete the 27 kilometre walk.

People came from across the region to take part with walkers travelling from Calpe, Jalon, Moraira, Benissa and Oliva as well as several enthusiastic people who scheduled their holidays in Jávea with the Mirador Challenge and flew in from the UK. In recognition of this, LESLEY LILLIE was presented with a special engraved photo-frame for the person who travelled the furthest to take part, flying in from Norfolk. It is hoped that the walk provided modest training for one of her next big challenges as it is understood that she will be celebrating her 60th birthday by walking to the base camp of Everest!

At the end of the challenge, the finish-line being at the windmills of Els Molins, teams applauded each other as they crossed the line and then enjoyed a lunch snack together on the windswept ridge overlooking Jávea, some picking out the start-point amongst the hills in the distance. The Xabia Viva group opened up two of the windmills to showcase their recent efforts to renovate them to their former glory and representative Aitor Mahiques gave a short talk about their work. Taking their time to look around them, plenty of walkers admitted that they had never been to visit the windmills before, highlighting the main reason behind the challenge: to promote these wonderful viewpoints of Jávea.

Special praise must be given to the network of checkpoint supervisors who manned each mirador along the route, many of whom were woken early from their Saturday morning slumber as the teams set a terrific pace along the route. They all conducted themselves in a professional manner and all the teams praised their efficiency as they passed through on the way to the finish line. And the organisers hope that they will all be willing to return next March for the 2013 edition.

In addition, the organisers were grateful for the assistance of the Cruz Roja, four of whose members took it in turns to walk the course whilst their colleagues travelled in the support ambulance, and were on hand to encourage the last team to complete the challenge, accompanying for the last couple of kilometres to the finish-line. The Protección Civil were also on hand to provide safety support during the potentially dangerous sections on the road and the organisers were also grateful for their attendance.

A very special thanks is extended to Paco Bisquert, the sports coordinator who was integral in some of the planning process, and was present for much of the day itself from the very early morning transport with the courtesy coach to the very end when he was on hand to show the way to the last team who were determined to finish the course, no matter what. Some teams even spoke of mysterious applause and words of encouragement emerging from the shadows at various points along the course and discovering Paco eagerly following proceedings from the sidelines!

And we would also like to thank Blacktower Financial Management (Int) Limited for their sponsorship which helped us stage what has been a far greater event than the 2011 inaugural Mirador Challenge. Without their support, we would have been seriously out-of-pocket!

Finally, the organisers of the Mirador Challenge 2012 would like to thank all the teams who took part in the event with the good-nature and sense of fun that it deserved. And by all accounts, Mirador Challenge 2013 is going to be even better with many of them already expressing their intention to take part next year!

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javeamigos.com | MIRADOR CHALLENGE 2012 RESULTS

La Granadella to Els Molins

1 CBMW Cabras

4h 22m

2 CBMW Jabalis

4h 23m

3 CBMW Ladies

4h 33m

4 Striders

5h 00m

5 Equipo de Oliva A

5h 05m

6 Los Sherpas de Jávea

5h 08m

7 Bandolers

5h 11m

8 Serendipity

5h 11m

9 Gintonik

5h 15m

10 The Originals

5h 19m

11 Sussex Ramblers

5h 34m

12 Camino Real

5h 40m

13 Mountain Llebeig Buenas Sensaciones

6h 03m

14 Club de Atletisme Llebeig

6h 11m

15 The Nail Station*

6h 27m

16 Xŕbia Viva

7h 03m

17 The G Team

7h 54m

* The Nail Station missed one checkpoint and attracted a 10 minute penalty.


("dead time" at checkpoints removed)

1 CBMW Jabalis

4h 20m

2 CBMW Cabras

4h 21m

3 CBMW Ladies

4h 27m

4 Bandolers

4h 36m

5 Gintonik

4h 44m

6 Equipo de Oliva A *

4h 54m

7 Serendipity

4h 54m

8 Striders *

4h 55m

9 Los Sherpas de Jávea

4h 55m

10 The Originals

5h 08m

11 Sussex Ramblers

5h 24m

12 Club de Atletisme Llebeig

5h 32m

13 Mountain Llebeig Buenas Sensaciones

5h 33m

14 Camino Real

5h 38m

15 The Nail Station

6h 08m

16 Xŕbia Viva

6h 13m

17 The G Team

7h 17m

* Equipo de Oliva A ranked higher due to less time spent at checkpoints (11m .vs. 17m).

* Striders ranked higher due to less time time spent at checkpoints (5m .vs. 13m).

Punta de l'Arenal to Cap de Sant Antoni

1 CBMW Jabalis*

1h 03m

2 CBMW Ladies

1h 03m

3 CBMW Cabras *

1h 05m

4 Bandolers

1h 05m

5 Gintonik

1h 08m

6 Equipo de Oliva A

1h 09m

7 The Originals

1h 10m

8 Striders

1h 11m

9 Serendipity

1h 14m

10 Club de Atletisme Llebeig

1h 17m

11 Los Sherpas de Jávea

1h 18m

12 Mountain Llebeig Buenas Sensaciones

1h 21m

13 Camino Real

1h 25m

14 Sussex Ramblers

1h 25m

15 The Nail Station

1h 28m

16 Xŕbia Viva

1h 48m

17 The G Team

2h 31m

* CBMW Jabalis covered tie-break stage one minute quicker than CBMW Ladies

* CBMW Cabras covered tie-break stage five minutes quicker than Bandolers.

Cap de la Nau to Cap Negre

1 CBMW Cabras

18 mins

2 CBMW Jabalis

19 mins

= Los Sherpas de Jávea

19 mins

= The Originals

19 mins

5 CBMW Ladies

20 mins

= Mountain Llebeig Buenas Sensaciones

20 mins

7 Gintonik

21 mins

8 Equipo de Oliva A

22 mins

9 Bandolers

23 mins

= Camino Real

23 mins

= Serendipity

23 mins

= Striders

23 mins

= Sussex Ramblers

23 mins

14 Club Atletisme de Lleibeig

25 mins

15 The G Team

27 mins

16 Xŕbia Viva

28 mins

17 The Nail Station *

33 mins

If you cannot see the images above, click here to see the web album.

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