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Monday 29th April 2013

javeamigos.com | JAVEA: XÀBIA FOLK 2013

The 13th edition of XÀBIA FOLK returns to the church square next month, one of the oldest festivals of its kind which blends tradition and roots with a modern folk sound. Organised by the town hall's Department of Culture with the artistic guidance of the Romàntica del Saladar group, the festival has managed to adapt to the new economic landscape of the town which has seen funding for non-essential services cut for 2013. This has also been achieved thanks to the collaboration of the groups who will be performing during the three-day event as well as the elimination of the dance section.

Councillor Empar Bolufer (Culture) unveiled the poster for the event which she describes as having "given us so much satisfaction" and revealed a couple of changes to this year's edition: the event has been pushed back to the second week in May and it will return to the church square right in the heart of the historic centre after performances in the past couple of years in the Plaza de la Constitución and the Placeta del Convent. She added that the festival complements some great culture during the spring which has seen concerts and performances provided by the Comisión del Nazareno as well as the first ever International Piano Competition. She finished by thanking the involved of the Romàntica del Saladar for their help with staging the festival.

Spokesman Joan Buigues has been charged with presenting the groups for this year's festival which he said retains the objective of highlighting the important of women in all the concerts as well as trying to attract a new younger audience with the participation of the rock-flamenco outfit of D'Callaos.

The concerts, which are all free to watch, will begin on Friday 10th May at 10.30pm with RODINKA from France who will offer gypsy music with a Slavic twist, having originally hailed from Prague in the Czech Republic. The five women, all from the same family, are currently based in Limoux in southern France, close to the Pyrenees and play a repertoire that has been decribed that that belonging to the "old continent". Their melodies are "scented with the perfume of nostalgia" with unrequited love songs and beautiful music that encourages extreme feelings.

On Saturday evening at the same time of 10.30pm, it will be the turn of D'CALLAOS who will present a style that is deeply rooted in Andaludia but with original arrangements that combine rock, rumba, pop and Latin rhythms which are "seasoned" with flamenco air through the voice of Maribel, La Canija, their charismatic singer.

Born in Gandía, EVA DÉNIA has been playing classic jazz since the early 90s but has also been working with Valencian traditional music through the Eva Dénia Trad Quartet which works on a modern perspective whilst respecting the legacy of the music. For the performance in the little chapel up on the hill above the historic centre, she will be joined by Paco Lucas to play some of the songs that are on her latest album "Un Altre Cantar".




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