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Javea launches initiative to provide training in the hospitality sector

 Monday 26th August 2013

javeamigos.com | EMPLOYMENT

The Departments of Economic Development and Finance, in collaboration with the private sector, have launched a new initiative to promote employment in the town's main economic sector - tourism. The plan aims to train up to 100 residents in the business and thus open up more option to adapt to a growing labour market as well as improve the quality of tourist services offered in town.

The initiative will work with the collaboration with successful professionals in the sector with the participants having the incentive of being employed after they have completed their training. In addition, councillor Oscar Antón (Finance) has revealed that the town hall will pay three months of social security contributions if the participants are released from their employment with a tourism company within six months. This decision is expected to compensate for the seasonal aspect of the business and support longer-term hiring of staff.

The councillor said that the initiative relies on one of the strongest assets of Jávea: local people with the professional experience who have offered their services to provide the advice and expertise to the applicants, something that they would have been unable to afford otherwise. He explained that the cost of the pioneering initiative to train some 100 participants is around 9,500 euros.

Councillor Juan Luis Cardona (Economic Development) explained that the training initiative will be free to residents of Jávea who have registered with CREAMA. Interested parties should do so as soon as possible and by Friday 30th August when interviews will take place in the Casa del Cultura to determine the participants. The training - both theoretical and practical - will be coordinated by the Hemeroscopea training centre and Mediterránea de Eventos. Ana Catalá, manager of the training centre, explained that the theoretical classes will take place during October and November with practical training starting in January. Arline Francis, co-ordinator of Mediterránea de Eventos said that more than ten local companies have expressed an interest to take on students as cooks, waiters, bartenders, hotel housekeepers and receptionists.

Jossete Ruso, manager of CREAMA, an association which works to promote economic recovery and activity in the Marina Alta region, said that the initiative was the result of a survey which polled job seekers on the theme of potential training. Also taken into consideration was the fact that the sector has provided more work than any other with more than 100 bars and restaurants opening in Jávea since 2011. The training is taking place outside of the peak season so that it does not interfere with the pace of business as well as providing trained staff for next summer.

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