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Saturday 24th March 2012

javeamigos.com | MAROC RALLY

The first spring edition of the Maroc Challenge Rally is making its final preparations before the upcoming start-off. On Saturday 31 March, the majority of the 53 teams who have entered in this low-cost rally will hit the accelerator of their cars in Javea, from where they will travel in motorcade to Almeria. From there, the cars will get on board the ferry to Morocco, where the rally starts, with the finish line at the beach of Essaoira.

But before that, the motor racing fans who come to Javea will be able to get an up-close look at these specially adapted vehicles prepared to travel through 2,000 km of dirt and gravel off-road tracks and back roads of Morocco.

According to the organizer of this rally, Rui Cabaço, the public is welcome to visit the enclosure area in the central parking of the Arenal beach from 11 am on Saturday 31st March, where the vehicles will concentrate and go through the technical verifications. Fans can take part in the pre-race atmosphere and witness the final preparations of the pilots up close.

Cabaço encourages everyone to visit this area, where there will be rare and special cars on view. Not surprisingly, one of the conditions to participate in this rally is to use low cost vehicles registered before 1995, so the racers will compete with old tuned-up SUVs or compact cars.  The 53 teams entered represent countries such as Italy, Austria, Holland, Portugal or France, as well as arrivals from all points of the Spain. The only representatives from Javea are the British owners of The Garage.

One of the biggest aims of the organization is to provide the best communication possible, allowing family, friends and supporters of the participants to follow the daily stages on their website through videos, photos and interviews. And the other important pillar of the raid is humanitarian, as the participants will bring basic needs materials to the desert villages they pass through. On this occasion, the Alicante-based children’s shoe company, Garvalín, has joined forces with the organisation and will be sponsoring the transport of the humanitarian aide material, as well as donating 300 pairs of shoes for Moroccan children.

The Maroc Challenge Rally is specifically aimed at amateurs with limited resources and no backing from sponsors, but who want to live a great adventure and experience the same sensations of rallies such as the Dakar or the Panafrica. Likewise, the project has the backing of the departments of Tourism and Sports, because as well as being a sporting event, the Maroc Challenge is expected to have a promotional impact on Javea. In fact, despite being a relatively new competition, it has received considerable coverage from specialized media.

Source: Press Release - Xàbia Ajuntament

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