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Friday 22nd March 2013

javeamigos.com | JAVEA: POLICE 2012

The Policía Local de Xàbia has released its annual report for 2012 which has shown that despite a large increase in requests for service, the overall crime rate for the town remains below the average for the province of Alicante. The report was presented by José Antonio Monfort, chief of the Polícia Local, and councillor Juan Ortolá (Public Safety) who said that the increase in calls for assistance showed that there has been an increase in the effectiveness of response times and a confirmed commitment to community policing from the very top.

The requests for assistance were broken down into four categories: 35% were related to administrative issues, 25% to traffic incidences, 20% to public safety issues and 16% to welfare, such as health, care or animals.

In terms of traffic, the Policía Local handled almost 6,700 complaints, 45% less than 2011, which has been attributed to an increased awareness of parking restrictions and the fact that SUMA had become responsible for collecting the fines and thus residents had become more aware of not breaking the rules. In addition, reduced parking charges have seen increased use of the designated parking facilities in the town. Accidents involving injuries which the police have been obliged to attend as well as those incidents that require traffic regulation have remain at levels similar to previous years.

In terms of prevention and control efforts, forming part of the Plan Local de Seguridad, these have improved with the local police force working alongside the Guardia Civil and the Policía de la Generalitat to man and operate 71 control points to check some 600 vehicles and identify 891 people. These checks have been successful in identifying people with previous convictions and discovering suspicious items inside the vehicles. Through this initiative, the security authorities have very recently been able to identify and confirm the whereabouts of two people, one with 38 previous convictions and the other with a criminal history related to burglary.

Just over 630 calls to the police have been related to security, mostly for robbery and theft as well as disorderly conduct. Thefts have occurred almost entirely from unoccupied houses and from supermarkets where the accused have tried to steal cosmetics and other expensive items to sell on; the report noted that there has been a large increase in the latter offence. In response, the police have reached an agreement with the courts to encourage quicker sentencing for perpetrators of this type of crime.

Finally, the report showed that the average crime rate if 23.28 per 1,000 residents, a figure that remains below the average of 25.44 for the province of Alicante as a whole and councillor Juan Ortolá praised the strong performance of the 77 officers of the Policía Local who effectively patrol the municipality.

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