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Monday 21st January 2013


On Monday morning, mayor Jose Chulvi was accompanied by Victoriano Sánchez-Barcáiztegui, the Regional Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport, to view the progress of the renovation of the beach promenade along the Playa del Arenal. Along with other councillors Oscar Anton, Paco Torres and José Luis Genovés as well as represenatives from UTE Rover Alcisa-Construred Obras y Servicios, the contractor carrying out the work, the group checked over the progress of the work and the repaving of the ground surface.

The contractor has confirmed that the works are proceeding as scheduled and explained some details in respect of the finished project, such as incorporating a zone with a pergola offering a shaded rest area and serving as a separation between the southern part of the walkway and the car park. The lighting system will be renovated with new streetlamps using LED technology. The southern end of the promenade will be finished off with a tosca stone wall and the old wall which served to divide the walkway from the beach will be replaced by a stone bench for seating and access to the beach. The ceramic tiles on the walkway surface are roughened to prevent slipping, and are easy to clean, and have been extensively tested to verify that they will support the weight of service vehicles.

The mayor expressed his satisfaction at the progress of the works, and unless there is any unexpected problem, the project will be ready for Easter. Chulvi described the improved walkway as "truly necessary and important for the touristic image of Jávea" and reminded everyone that such improvements had been called for by the Arenal business community for nearly 25 years.

The mayor also wanted to highlight the good coordination and collaboration between the Department of Infrastructure, the Town Hall and the construction company to minimise the inconvenience to traders and the public and Chulvi also pointed out that he has stayed in constant contact with employers to ensure access to their businesses.

Meanwhile, Sanchez-Barcáiztegui, agreed that this work "will improve the look and quality that you deserve of the Arenal promenade, one of the most important areas of Jávea and one of the most important in the Community". The Regional Secretary fhas also noted that the work will be ready for Semana Santa and Easter before speaking about the other public works carried out as part of the Plan Confianza initiative, such as the construction of the new library in the port and the asphalting of more than 30 kilometres of streets across the municipality.


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