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javeamigos.com | VIRTUAL VISITS - The Lighthouse of Cap de la Nau

javeamigos.com | VIRTUAL TOUR - Lighthouse: Cap de la Nau

The Department of Tourism in Xàbia offers a way to access the town's monuments and coastal attractions without leaving home through its website. The current COVID-19 health emergency has meant that residents and tourists have not been able to enjoy this special heritage in person but we can do so online with Virtual Tours and 360° photographs as well as a number of audio guides which are available in five languages, including English, with information about some of the monuments related by characters from local history.

On entering the virtual guides, simple click on the (>) icon to start the virtual 3D platform. On the bottom right, there is an option to view in VR using the VR headsets Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear after downloading the appropriate application for the phone. Note: this is not available for all phones.

On the bottom left are options to view some 360° images of the building, to view the Dollhouse 3D rendering of the building or space or the 2D floor plan, to select which level you want to visit, and even to make a measurement.  Once "inside", you can walk around by selecting the blue or red circles which are point of interest, or follow the faint circles on the floor to wander at your own pace. Use left-click held down on the mouse to look around, left and right, up and down, and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

We've decided to try another of these virtual tours for ourselves and visit the lighthouse of Cabo de la Nao, climbing to the top to enjoy the views.

Link: Faro Cabo de la Nao

The Lighthouse of Cabo de la Nao
The headland of Cabo de la Nao ('Cap de la Nau' in Valencian) marks the southern limit of the great Gulf of Valencia which stretches as far as the Ebro Delta over 220 kilometres to the north. It is considered to be the most eastern point of the Valencian region and the nearest point in Spain to the island of Ibiza which is around 90 kilometres distant and can be seen nestling on the horizon on clear days. In 1902, wireless technology tests carried out between the mainland and the island.

There is an official viewpoint located right on top of the very edge of the headland, although it requires a careful scramble over glass-smooth rocks to reach it. Wooden barriers provide a sense of security as the ground drops steeply into the sea some 120m below. Those who approach on water will be able to view the 'Cova dels Orgues', a large sea cave which was visited and studied by Valencian naturalist J.A.Cavanilles at the end of the 18th century; there is a street in the port zone named in his honour.

The headland has long provided a reference point for navigation along the eastern coast of Spain and plans for a lighthouse emerged in 1914 but it didn't come into operation until May 26th 1928. A road had to built to transport the building materials to the site and its construction wasn't started until 1923.

On entering the virtual tour, we find ourselves in the entrance hall. To the left is a sparse office and a radio room which now also appears to be doubling as a server room for more modern technology. To the right is the power room with a beefy Himoinsa generator.

Straight ahead we can start climbing up the 20m high tower. There are almost 80 steps in the spiral staircase which lead to two steep metal ladders which provide access to the light itself. There's not a lot of room but you can see moved around a little to admire the views south towards the unmistakable outline of Calp's Peñon d'Ifach, west out into the Mediterranean Sea towards Ibiza and north over the rest of the headland, now covered in houses. The light itself flashes white every 5 seconds and has a range of 23 nautical miles (43 kilometres).

Take a virtual wander around the lighthouse yourself and discover more about the most easterly point in the Valencian region.

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