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The 2020/2021 season will have a very different look about it after the Comunidad Valenciana Football Federation (FFCV) confirmed the composition of the Regional Preferente groups as the country continues to fight against the COVID-19 virus. The health crisis already forced the authorities to bring the 2019/2020 season to a premature close and now they have confirmed that the new season will begin a month later than usual and the Preferente - Step 5 in the Spanish football pyramid - will consist of six smaller groups instead of the four that has been normal.

As a result, CD Javea have been placed in Group 5:

CFI Alicante
SSFCV Benidorm CD
Racing CF Benidorm 'A'
CD Jávea
CD Dénia
Pego CF
Universitat d'Alacant
UD Portuarios
Racing Rafelcofer CF
CD Pedreguer
CD La Nucía 'B'
CF UD Calpe 'A'
CF Gandía
CF UE Tavernes de Valldigna

2019/20 2nd Pref Gp 4 (Campo Municipal Antonio Solano, Alicante)
2019/20 18th Pref Gp 4 (Estadio Municipal Guillermo Amor, Benidorm)
2019/20 10th Pref Gp 4 (Estadio Municipal Guillermo Amor, Benidorm)
2019/20 5th Pref Gp 3 (Campo Municipal, Jávea)
2019/20 9th Pref Gp 3 (Estadio Diego Mena Cuesta, Dénia)
2019/20 10th Pref Gp 3 (Campo Municipal Cervantes, Pego)
2019/20 6th Pref Gp 4 (Campus Universidad de Alicante, San Vicente de Raspeig) 
2019/20 14th Pref Gp 3 (Campo Fort Llopis, Gandía)
2019/20 14th Pref Gp 3 (Campo Municipal La Runa, Rafelcofer)
2019/20 11th Pref Gp 3 (Poliesportiu Municipal de Pedreguer)
2019/20 2nd Primera Gp 7 (Cuitat Esportiva Camilo Cano, La Nucía))
2019/20 1st Primera Gp 7 (Campo Municipal de Calpe)
2019/20 1st Primera Gp 6 (Estadio Guillermo Olagüe, Gandía)
2019/20 3rd Pref Gp 3 (Campo Municipal, Tavernes de Valldigna)

Source: FFCV
Date: Saturday 1st August 2020





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