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Xàbia has paid tribute to master stonemason Vicente Bisquert Riera, better known as Vicent de Gràcia, by re-naming a small square on the edge of the historic centre in his honour, a landscaped open space next to Bar Trinquet which features two of his works. The ceremony, which was carried out with the appropriate COVID-19 health and safety measures, featured speeches by mayor José Chulvi, councillor Quico Moragues (Culture) and Fani Bisquert, grand-daughter of Vicent as well as a musical performance by Sergio Camarasa.

The mayor said that if Xàbia had a symbolic colour, it would be that of tosca stone. The soft and golden hue is present in every corner of the historic centre, in most of its significant buildings and in many of our homes. It represents the fusion between land and sea and is a kind of emblem of the ancient Mediterranean place that we are and of which we are proud.

Looking at the Montañar or at Cova Tallada, we get an idea of the antiquity and hardness of the stonemasons who cut the blocks of tosca stone from the edge of the sea and then crafted them blow by blow with technique inherited from centuries of tradition to transform these blocks into arches, pillars or, if they were lucky enough to pass through virtuous hands, into wonders like those that Vicente Bisquert Riera has left us.

The mayor said that we can say with pride that it was Vicente de Gracia, a resident of Xàbia, who created the first public fountains in Xàbia, such as the one in the square opposite the Town Hall that features the town's coat of arms. He was also responsible for several religious elements that have achieved notable recognition in the start such as the baptismal font and pulpit in the ancient church of San Bartolomé as well as the fountain of Loreto and the covered cross, created in 1954 in the square that now bears his name, elements that were his last public works.

The mayor concluded that remembering Vicent de Gracia, a humble and honest person who despite circumstances made his talent and effort count with extraordinary things is remembering an important part of the history of Xàbia.

Source: Press Release
Date: Thursday 23rd July 2020

Xàbia ha homenajeado a Vicente Bisquert Riera, más conocido como Vicent de Gràcia, maestro de la artesanía en piedra tosca. Desde hoy, la plazoleta ajardinada entre las calles Muret, Loreto y Escola –que reúne dos de sus obras- lleva su nombre.

Compartimos algunas imágenes del acto de reconocimiento –condicionado por las medidas de seguridad sanitaria por la Covid19- y en el que han participado el alcalde, José Chulvi, el concejal de Cultura, Quico Moragues y Fani Bisquert, nieta del mestre pedrapiquer.

Gracias a Sergio Camarasa por acompañar con su música el acto.





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