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It has been confirmed that the Generalitat Valenciana will request that the Comunidad Valenciana moved into Phase III of the de-escalation process next Monday 15th June. President Ximo Puig announced that documentation supporting the move will be presented to the Ministry of Health today Monday which will highlight the positive evolution of the situation across the three provinces of the region and confirm that the lifting of certain restrictions during the first three phases of the transition period have not resulted in new outbreaks of the COVID-19 infection and that deaths from the disease have reduced to zero over the past few days.

Across the region, some 470 municipalities have reported no new cases in the past two weeks and the R rate, the reproduction value used to analyse the ability of the virus to spread, has remained stable at 0.7. A rate higher than 1 means that the infection is spreading; a value lower than 1 means that not enough new people are being infected to sustain the disease in the population. In addition, tests of sewage water predict that the virus will become "undetectable" in the next few days.

Phase III will return a certain degree of power to the autonomous government and the Generalitat plans to hold a meeting to determine the measures that will be adopted during this next phase and this will be communicated to the public at the weekend so that Valencians can prepare. One of the prime considerations is that movement will be allowed between all three provinces without restrictions since the whole Valencian region should be considered as one territorial unit. In addition, the regional government hopes that movement will also be open to other autonomous regions which are in the same position as the Comunidad Valenciana.

Puig added that he hoped that domestic tourism will be opened up soon, allowing people from across Spain to travel to the Comunidad Valenciana but only if the evolution of the situation continues in the right direction. "[The Valencian region] will be a safe destination where you can spend the best holidays with the appropriate preventative measures." However he wouldn't confirm if the region would follow the example of the Balearic Islands in keeping discos and dance venues closed, despite a modification to Phase III regulations allowing these venues to do so, albeit with the necessary capacity limitations and dance floors remaining closed. There have been new outbreaks in other countries linked to parties and nightlife, including the case of the 29-year-old man in Seoul who visited several bars and nightclubs in early May before testing positive for COVID-19 and he is believed to one of the individuals responsible for a cluster of new infections all linked to the nightclub scene in the city.

Source: Press Conference
Date: Monday 8th June 2020





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