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The Government has relaxed some of the limitations detailed in a previous order for Phase 1 de-escalation. Order SND/414/2020 issued on Saturday 16th May (BOE 5088) details the restrictions that will be in force during Phase 2, the next stage in the recovery of the country into which several islands in the Canaries and Formentera in the Balearics have moved into today Monday and, it is hoped, our region will move into next week. However, the order also modifies a number of limitations imposed in a previous order (SND/399/2020 - BOE 4911) which include an expansion in the territory in which we are allowed to move unrestricted as well as permission for recreational fishing, all subject to conditions.

The modifications, set out in the Second Final Provision of BOE 5088 and which become effective today, confirm that the territorial units in the Comunidad Valenciana outlined in the Annex of the previous order (which broke the region down into health authorities) has been modified so that unrestricted movement is now permitted within the whole province of Alicante, rather than just the Marina Alta (although movement to neighbouring provinces/territories is still restricted to socio-economic purposes only; work, caring for minors and /or elderly, etc.).

BOE 4911 Chapter 3 Article 10 in relation to the re-opening of retail and commercial businesses has been modified so that premises more than 400 square metres can open but that the total capacity should be reduced to 30% and social distancing of at least two metres between clients be guaranteed. Such premises in shopping centres can open but only if they have direct and independent access from the public highway. Lottery administrations can re-open whilst car dealers, ITV stations and garden centres/nurseries, regardless of size, can re-open, preferably by prior appointment.

A new Chapter 15 has been added in which hunting and sport/recreational fishing is now permitted provide that all safety and hygiene measures are respected, include social distancing and the cleaning and disinfection of all equipment.

The time slots for non-professional physical activity outside of the home remain unchanged.

It is expected that the Spanish Government will be publishing a new order this week which will require the mandatory wearing of face masks in public areas in a bid to further control the spread of the COVID-19 infection. Previously a decree made face masks mandatory only on public transport. Authorities had previously suggested that masks were unnecessary or even counter-productive but as more has been learnt about the disease it has been discovered that the disease can be passed on to others by people who don't show any symptoms of COVID-19 and criteria set out by the European Centre for Disease Protection and Control was changed.

Finally, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is looking to secure a final extension to the State of Alarm and this time it will be a month extension rather than two weeks, meaning that lockdown will last until the end of June.

Click here to read the full order SND/414/2010 BOE 5088.

Source: BOE-A-2020-5088
Date: Monday 18th May 2020





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