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Travellers arriving from outside of Spain must go into self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival, a new order from the Spanish Government has decreed. The Official State Gazette - BOE 4932 - issued this morning has declared that Spain will be adopting similar measures put in place by many European countries to protect the countries gradual return to normality. A second BOE refers to the restoration of controls at air and sea borders to limit access into Spain. Both remain in effect for the duration of the State of Alarm and possible extensions.

From 00:00 Friday 15th May (which is midnight the previous day), all arrivals into the country from abroad must go into quarantine and remain in their home or accommodation for a period of 14 days. They may leave the house or accommodation only to buy food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities, to attend health centres, etc, or due to force majeure or a situation of need. At all times when leaving the house or accommodation, the person must wear a face mask and follow all the hygiene measures required to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 infection.

The order gives the right to the health authorities to contact the person to monitor them. It also requires any person in quarantine who becomes asymptomatic of COVID-19 to contact the health service by telephone and inform them that they are in quarantine after arriving into the country from abroad.

If arriving by air, the passenger must fill in a Public Health Passenger Location Card on arrival into the country which will enable the authorities to locate them. In this form, the passenger must declare full person details, flight information, permanent or temporary address (hotel. etc.), emergency contact information and details of travelling companions under the age of 18 or who are not part of the family group.

A second order (4929), which also comes into force at 00:00 on Friday 15th May and remains valid for the duration of the State of Alarm and any possible extensions, has implemented control at air and sea borders. During the validity period, only Spanish citizens, residents who can prove regular residence (owning a home is not sufficient proof of residence), cross-border workers, diplomats, health professionals and people travelling for reasons of force majeure may enter Spain.

The order has been brought in to limit access into a country where its residents are already subject to restrictions on domestic travel during the phased de-escalation process. It is suggested that the gradual easing of the quarantine will encourage foreign residents to travel to Spain which will create a contradiction with domestic movement limitations. However the measures do not apply to the transportation of goods required to ensure the continuity of economic activity.

Both orders can be read in full here.

Source: BOE-A-2020-4929 / BOE-A-2020-4932
Date: Tuesday 12th May 2020





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