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Xàbia has entered Phase 1 of the national de-escalation plan today Monday and the Town Hall has confirmed a number of details with regards to municipal facilities which will re-open, albeit with certain conditions and limitations. The Council has also confirmed a number of details of the regulations set out on BOE 4911 issued on Saturday 9th May and called on residents to be responsible and use common sense to ensure that the municipality succeeds in moving to the next phase.

From today Monday 11th May, the following municipal facilities will be re-opening:

ECOPARQUE (Camí de les Sorts)
Open: Monday to Saturday 09:00-13:30 and 15:30-17:30
Access will be strictly controlled with two or more vehicles prohibited from accessing together. The Council has also re-activated the home collection service (on request 900-102-149) and the door-to-door cardboard service provided to the hospitality sector.

MUNICIPAL CEMETERY de Catarroja (Camí del Cementiri)
Open: 09:00-19:00
Access will be controlled to avoid concentrations whilst municipal staff will provide disinfectant gel to all visitors. It will not be possible to access the cemetery if a funeral is taking place. The Sant Joan Cemetery remains closed for the moment.

Open by appointment only.

For the moment, the municipal libraries and the museum remain closed until an access and use protocol can be defined to ensure the necessary measures are guaranteed to that all health requirements set out in the BOE can be met.

Municipal offices remain closed and customer service is available on 965 790 500 or via email info@ajxabia.com.

On Sunday night, the Council issued details by social media to confirm the movement of the municipality to Phase 1 of the Plan for the Gradual Transition to a New Normality which provides for a greater freedom of movement and the re-activation of social and economic activity. It confirmed that social gathering of up to 10 people can now occur, that small retail businesses can re-open, that outside terraces of the hospitality sector can re-open up to 50% of its licensed capacity, that movement within the health department Dénia (essentially the Marina Alta) is now permitted, that it is allowed to move to a second residence as long as it is in the same region (i.e. the health department of Dénia), the places of worship can re-open subject to conditions and that wakes and funerals can take place, again subject to conditions.

The Council reminds all residents that the success of this phase requires everyone's involvement, more so than police control, and calls on people to enjoy this new freedom with responsibility and common sense. Respect social distancing, use face masks in closed spaces or where there is a greater concentration of people and maintain hand hygiene. You must carry identification with you at all times because checks will be made to confirm the residence of people who are in Xàbia that they reside in the Marina Alta region.

The time slots set out in BOE 4676 Article 5 remain in place for exercise and individual outdoor sports only in order to avoid crowds and to respect the preferential schedules for the elderly and other risk types. These hours may change if the regional government considers it. Thus, going retails shopping, family visits, driving the car, enjoying a drink on a bar terrace or a haircut at a hair salon, etc. can be done at any time of the day.

Residents registered in any of the 33 municipalities in the Marina Alta can travel freely within the same region. To travel to neighbouring territorial zones (i.e. Marina Baixa or Gandía health departments) you must have just cause for work, health, assistance to the elderly or dependents, or force majeure.

As many people can travel as there are seats in a vehicle as long as they all reside at the same address and in this case face masks are not mandatory. If they don't live together,, two people may travel in each row of seats provide they wear face masks and respect the maximum possible distance between themselves. For motorcycles, mopeds and two-seater vehicles, two people can travel as long as they wear a full face helmet with a visor or wear a mask or reside at the same address. A maximum of two people can travel in lorries and vans, etc. provided that the occupants wear face masks and keep the maximum distance possible.

It is mandatory to wear face masks on buses and other public transport and to keep the maximum distance possible between passengers. Two people can travel in a taxi for each additional row of seats compared to the driver's row (three people if they all live in the same address).

Active and nature tourism is permitted within the Marina Alta region. The beaches remain closed for sunbathing and swimming. Hunting and sports fishing are not permitted. Individual water sports are allowed in the time slots set for the region (06:00-10:00 and 20:00-23:00) as long as social distancing and hygiene measures are maintained. The whole coast has been opened to sports such as surfing, paddle surfing, sailing and kayaking but open water swimming training is restricted to La Grava beach in order to assist with the control of the prohibition of bathing by the security forces.

Finally, sailing is permitted for anyone resident in the Marina Alta. A maximum of ten people can be on board but if they are not living together, it is restricted to 50% of the authorised capacity according to the boat certification. Jet skis and vessels can be rented by residents in the Marina Alta. In all cases, jet skis and vessels may not move more than 12 nautical miles from the port or mooring facility from which the act began.

Click here to access the full details of BOE-A-2020-4911 (in Spanish).

Source: Ayuntamiento de Xàbia
Date: Monday 11th May 2020





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