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Despite being forced apart, people have been forging a community spirit that has been spreading through the country since the enforced quarantine at the weekend, undoubtedly inspired by Italians who have been gathering on their balconies and at their windows to applaud the health workers, service workers and security personnel who put themselves at risk to help us, serve us and protect us. Indeed, each evening at 8.00pm, many residents in Xàbia have gathered on their balconies to join together in a couple of minutes of strong applause and cheers to honour those people. There have been impromptu discos in some areas, upbeat music pounding through the apartment blocks from a confined DJ, whilst down in the streets themselves, security personnel have returned the acknowledgement by flashing their colourful lights and giving a swift blast on their sirens. It's been an emotional moment each evening.

And now the people of Xàbia are being called upon to go a step further and sing their hearts out on Sunday to raise the spirits as we enter the second week of a quarantine. The song that has been chosen is "Mañana Mi Jávea",  a classic track by local band Bradmis, who were formed some 55 years ago, and still grace the occasional fiesta and special occasion. The track and is played when the local football team CD Jávea take to the field.

On Sunday 22nd March at 12 noon, people have been asked to "put aside your embarrassment and fear and lift your voices and instruments to sing together for a tomorrow - 'for a tomorrow not very far away'." It is a song that describes the feeling of being away from your home town for so long, of longing to be back "tomorrow" when the singer "will return to my land again, for its voice is calling me ... I will see the sun rise in a dream paradise at dawn."

Mañana, mañana, mañana, por fin mañana
Regreso de nuevo a mi tierra, su voz me llama.
Mañana, mañana, mañana, veré el sol nacer
En un paraíso soñado, al amanecer

Javea eres cuna donde nací
Cuando yo muera, mi cuerpo has de cubrir.

Mañana mi Javea, mi Javea mañana
De nuevo quiero volver
Vivir con mi gente y aquellos amigos
Que ya llenaron mi ayer
No encuentro palabras, ni puedo expresarlas
Lo que te quiero cantar
Mis versos del alma, sencillos te ofrezco
Es cuanto te puedo dar.

Mañana, mañana, mañana, yo volveré a ver
Aquellos pequeños recuerdos, de mi niñez
Mi siento contento más tengo, ganas de llorar
Se nublan mis ojos pensando, quiero cantar

Source: Original
Date: Wednesday 18th March 2020





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