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The state meteorological agency AEMET has activated red risk alerts for severe weather tomorrow Sunday 19th January, specifically for a severe maritime storm which is forecast to strike the coast of our region with 7/8 metre waves pushed by Force 9 north-easterlies likely to cause damage to promenades and coastal roads. In addition, the risk has been raised to red for up to 20cm of snow falling above 600m, possibly lower at times, which will mainly affect the inland mountainous areas of the region.

AEMET maintains a series of risk alerts for different phenomena throughout Sunday. From 12.00 midday tomorrow and continuing into Monday 20th, there is an orange risk alert for the potential for heavy rain with a 12-hour accumulation of up to 100mm. In addition, there is an orange risk alert for strong north/north-easterly winds over the same period with the potential for gusts up to 90 km/h. Throughout the afternoon of Sunday, an orange alert will be in place of heavy seas with 4/6 metre waves until the red alert kicks it at 6.00pm.

The red alert for snowstorms will become active from 12.00 midday and there is the potential for accumulations of up to 20cm in 24 hours in many places above 600m, occasionally lower, but this snow is unlikely to affect low-lying coastal areas.

It has become clear that the region is potentially facing one of the most complex situations in many years with heavy rain, snow, strong winds and a maritime storm all included in a potentially savage mix that is very difficult to predict. But it seems certain that regions of southern Valencia and northern Alicante will see heavy rain and the coastal areas will see exceptionally heavy seas which could cause damage to seafront promenades and coastal routes.

The authorities are recommending that the population takes care over the next few days, doesn't take risks (such as heading into the mountains during the snowstorms) and keeps abreast of the situation through the appropriate channels. With regards to the events which will form part of the weekend's San Antonio celebrations tomorrow Sunday (the horse-and-cart parade and the animal blessing) as well as the Marina Alta derby between CD Jávea and CD Dénia, they remain scheduled until such time as the actual weather conditions dictate otherwise.

Remember: these alerts don't mean that these events will definitely happen but that there is significance evidence to suggest that there is a real risk that they will do so.

Source: AVAMET / AEMET / Laboratorio de Climatología - Universidad de Alicante
Date: Saturday 18th January 2020





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