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The Xàbia Town Hall has finally repaired and repositioned the Creu Armella - the Armella Cross - which has stood at the junction of Carretera del Poble Nou de Benitatxell, Camí Vell de Teulada and Camí de Lluca. The tosca stone cross suffered repeated damage to its upper part after being hit by large vehicles passing through the junction at speed and the Council decided to relocate it to place it in the middle of the road so that it is more protected from potential collision with traffic.

The base of the cross was relocated a few weeks ago and the restored cross, which is also known as Creu Vermella, has now been positioned at one of the old access points into Xàbia. It is one of fourteen crosses that can be found throughout the municipality, many of which served to mark important junctions or locations. Two crosses can be found close to the historic centre - Portal del Clot and Porta de la Mar (next to Bar Trinquet) - which mark the position of two of the gatehouses through the old defensive walls which surrounded the village until the middle of the 19th century.  Four others can be found next to religious buildings: the blue-domed chapel of Calvari, the conquest chapels of Santa Llúcia and Popúl as well as inside the monastery on La Plana. Four remain in their original position: Armell, that next to the chapel of Sant Joan, the Plana de la Creu and in Camí Vell de la Mar. Others exist in Camí Canons, at the Portitxol viewpoint and on the Jesús Pobre road. Many suffered damage during the Spanish Civil War and had to be restored.

Source: Ayuntamiento de Xàbia
Date: Thursday 9th January 2020

Xàbia reubica y repara la Creu Armella

El Ayuntamiento de Xàbia ha reubicado la Creu Armella, una figura de tosca ubicada en la intersección de la carretera a Poble Nou, el Camí Vell de Teulada y el camí de Lluca. La cruz sufría daños en su parte superior el demasiadas ocasiones al ser golpeada por vehículos de gran tamaño que toman el cruce con velocidad. Por ello, el Consistorio se planteó mover su base unos metros para centrarla, protegiéndola así del tráfico.

Hace unas semanas se repuso la base en su nuevo emplazamiento y ahora la Creu Armella (también conocida como Creu Vermella) ha sido restaurada y vuelve a presidir simólicamente este cruce, considerado como uno de los antiguos accesos a la villa.





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