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Far-right VOX party makes huge gain across the nation

Monday 11th November 2019

javeamigos.com | 10N GENERAL ELECTIONS 2019

The PSOE won the vote in Xàbia after polling in the 10N General Election was concluded yesterday. However their support fell against a swing towards the Partido Popular (PP) and the far-right Vox party whilst there was also a big gain for the recently-formed Més Compromís party which supports Valencian nationalism. And the situation was reflected across Spain as the left suffered losses against a PP recovery and a boost in support for the far-right parties. Although the party of caretaker Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez won the highest number of seats, his PSOE party once again fell short of an absolute majority which means that the country faces further political deadlock after its fourth general election in four years.

Of the 350 seats available in the Congress of Deputies, the PSOE claimed 120 seats, three less than it did so in the April 2019 elections, whilst the PP secured 87 seats, up 21 on six months ago when it recorded its worst ever result since democracy was restored to Spain. But it was the far-right Vox party which gained the most from yesterday's election when it won 52 seats to become the third-largest party in the Congress, more than double the number of seats it won in April 2019, and it has come a long way in the past year. The coalition Unidas Podemos secured 35 seats, a reduction of 7 on April whilst the centre-right Ciudadanos (Cs) suffered a huge defeat, losing more than 40 seats to be left with just 10 and party leader Albert Rivera resigned in the wake of the disastrous showing.

In the wake of the results, Pedro Sánchez has asked for "generosity" from other parties to break the stalemate and form a stable government for Spain but added that "those who sow the rhetoric of hate" would be excluded form any negotiations, a not-so-subtle reference to the Vox party whose leader Santiago Abascal celebrated the success by stating that "we have told the left that they have no moral superiority". The PP's Pablo Casado insisted that Sánchez should stand down as he had "lost his referendum" whilst Pablo Iglesia, leader of Unidas-Podemos, claimed that the election had made the far-right in Spain one of the strongest in Europe, adding that "a progressive coalition government is now a necessity".


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