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An emotional evening for the town saw the 2020 representatives selected

Sunday 27th October 2019


The biggest party of the year in Xàbia may still be more than seven months away but the 2020 edition of the Fogueres de Sant Joan already has its prime representatives after an emotional evening in which Marta Ortuño and Ariadna Serret were named as Reina de las Fogueras and Reina Infantil respectively. The Quintà 2020 only formally came together last month and they are already working hard to prepare for the festivities which kick off summer. And now they have their main representatives in the two Queens and their ladies-in-waiting and the four presidents. two representing the Quintà 2020 and two younger members of the community heading up the Comisión Juvenil.

This emotional evening in the Pabellón d'Esports Miguel Buigues Andrés in the port is a major event in the life of the town of Xàbia and the sports hall, converted into a large auditorium, was packed as people came out in numbers to find out who will be the main representatives for 2020. The young people of the town dressed in their finest - as did the proud parents and family - and stood nervously 'backstage' awaiting their big moment. The youngsters would play a major role in the selection of the queens, ladies-in-waiting and presidents, casting their votes under strict control, a process overseen by independent legal authorities.

As the voting took place, the audience were presented first to those young girls who had decided that they wanted to be chosen for the junior queen and they walked with confidence onto the stage to place their names into a transparent box; three names would be drawn out later in the evening by the 2019 representatives and the six hopefuls must have placed great hopes and wishes into the box. They were followed by the 34 youngsters who would make up the Comissión Juvenil for 2020, charged with supporting the younger members of the community in their involvement in these magical fiestas. And then the Quintà 2020 was presented, more than 100 young people who would be turning 18 next year, and they walked with varying degrees of confidence onto the stage to acknowledge the applause but many minds were on the big question of the evening: who would be the Reina de las Fogueras for 2020.

A long break in the evening allowed the voting to be counted, under scrutiny on a notary, whilst the audience were treating to a fashion show of stunning dresses created by Maribel Gilabert who also provides many of the traditional costumes worn during the fiestas; she was assisted by Peluquería Toñi Bañuls and Mª Rosa Martínez. This was followed by a performance from the Club Gimnàstic Xàbia.

The second half of the evening brought a renewed hush across the hall. The event had also been raising money for Aspanion - Niños con Cáncer and representative Madelane Powell was presented with a cheque for 600 euros. And then mayor José Chulvi and councillor Kika Mata (Fiestas) took the stage for the long-awaited results. The 2019 representatives were charged with announcing the winners. On the junior side, Ariadna Serrat Molina was picked out of the box by 2019 Queen Julía Badenes and she will be accompanied by her ladies-in-waiting Olaya Parra Tormos and Edurne Mata Gutiérrez. The presidents of the Comissión Juvenil were announced - selected by popular vote - as Mar Rodríguez Belloch and Romeo Lara Gisbert.

And then the big moment. First of all, Quintà 2019 presidents Marina Mosquera and Israel Aguilar came to the centre of the stage to open their respective envelopes and announce Zara Sancho Román and Javier Gavilà Fornés as presidents of Quintà 2020 and they promised to work hard as their representatives to make next year an unforgettable one. The hall hushed once again as 2019 2nd lady-in-waiting María Signes opened her envelope to reveal that Blanca Amores Hidalgo would be her replacement and 1st lady-in-waiting María Sobrino announced that Laura Cardona Redondo would be standing in her place. The excitement level rose another notch as 2019 Fogueres Queen Inés Domenech walked forward, took the sealed enveloped from mayor Jose Chulvi, took a deep breath, and then ripped it open to announce that Marta Ortuño Torres would be Reina de las Fogueras for 2020 to huge cheers and applause. A long and very emotional night for Xàbia concluded with he playing of both of the Fogueres and Xàbia songs.

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