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The young people will be the main protagonists during next year's Fogueres de Sant Joan

Monday 7th October 2019


The young people of Quintà 2020 made their public debut last Friday evening with an informal parade through the streets of the historic centre and surrounding neighbourhoods, a tradition that kicks off their preparations for next year's edition of the Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia, arguably the biggest party of the year in the town during which these youngsters will be the main protagonists.

Having been invited by the Ayuntamiento to form next year's group, the youngsters first met last month to confirm their interest as well as make their first important decision of their term; the colour of the T-shirts that they would be wearing during this first traditional informal parade. Accompanied by a charanga playing the popular fiesta tunes as well as members of the Fogueres Commission, major José Chulvi and councillor Kika Mata (Fiestas), they made their way through the historic centre as well as the adjacent neighbourhood of Thiviers to announce their arrival to the people of Xàbia. They were noisy and boisterous, excited that their moment had finally arrived, but always respectful of the gentle advice of the members of the Fogueres Commission for this night would be the start of some nine months of very hard work before the start of the festivities next June.

Their first important engagement will be the elections on Saturday 26th October during which the members of Quintà 2020 will elect their Queen and her ladies-in-waiting as well as their two presidents who will be their representatives during 2020. In addition, the Junior Queen and her ladies-in-waiting will also be selected by draw from those wishing to participate next year. It will be an emotional night for everyone, especially the family and friends of all those taking part, and open to all to experience this very special step in the lives of young people in Xàbia.

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