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First late summer storm approaching across the peninsula

Monday 26th August 2019


The state meteorological agency AEMET has issued an ORANGE risk level weather warning for the potential of heavy rain and storms affecting the region tonight and into tomorrow Tuesday. The alert is valid from midnight tonight and is expected to remain in place until 9.00pm tomorrow Tuesday. During this period there is the potential for heavy rain falling at a rate of 40mm per hour, perhaps stronger at times, with accompanying storms in our region. The period of instability is being caused by an isolated high altitude depression, known as a 'DANA', which has been developing in the Atlantic and is expected to track across the south of the Iberian peninsula over the next 36 hours, bringing the heavy rains to our region. There have been suggestions of the approach of the dreaded 'gota fría', the violent storm conditions that can bring torrential rain and flooding which can be caused by a DANA, but this is not always the case.

The AVSRE - the Valencian Security and Emergency Response Agency - has issued advice across the Comunidad Valenciana in the face of this potential for stormy weather which includes keeping in touch with the evolution of the situation through the media or online at www.112vc.gva.es and on Twitter @GVA112; staying away from rivers and gulleys and not stopping on bridges; using a vehicle only if absolutely necessary and if so stay on main roads and avoid trying to cross through flooded areas or fords across rivers; and finally think about removing vehicles form areas which are prone to flooding.

The special warning issued by AEMET at 12:30 today Monday reads:

Meteorological Phenomenon: Torrential rain and strong or very strong storms.
Geographical Scope:
Castilla La Mancha (East), Comunidad Valenciana, Murcia and Balearic Islands.

Monday 26th August.
Until the morning of Wednesday 28th August.
Degree of Probability:
High (more than 70%)
Description: A DANA (Depresión Aislada de Niveles Altos) began to form yesterday Sunday to the west of the Iberian Peninsula and is currently located to the south of Portugal. During Monday and Tuesday it will travel across the southern areas of the peninsula and by Tuesday afternoon and early Wednesday, it will be located in the area of the Balearic Islands.

During today Monday it will continue to produce locally strong showers and storms in many regions of the interior of the peninsula, expect in area of the north-east where they are unlikely.

With the displacement of the DANA towards the Mediterranean, it is very likely that the rain and storms will intensify, reaching a very strong intensity (greater than 30mm/h) during the afternoon in the eastern areas of Castilla La Mancha and on Tuesday in the Comunidad Valenciana (most likely Valencia and Alicante), Murcia and the Balaeric Islands, persisting in the archipelago until Wednesday morning.

From midday on Wednesday, the DANA will move towards northern Italy while an Atlantic ridge will enter the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, resulting in a situation of stability that will put an end to this episode of instability.


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