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The magnitude 2.8 tremor had its epicentre 5km below Costa Nova

Thursday 21st August 2019


Residents and holidaymakers in Xàbia and the surrounding area felt the earth move on Wednesday evening when an earthquake of magnitude 2.8 rocked the region. At 10.00pm a low rumble lasting just a couple of seconds caused some alarm across the municipality and even caused the evacuation of Hotel Villanaranjos in the Arenal beach area. Within a few minutes, official sources such as the IGN, Spain's National Geographic Institute, reported that seismic activity had been detected in the south of the municipality, close to Poble Nou de Benitatxell, with more specific details emerging later pinpointing the epicentre to have been some five kilometres deep below the Urbanisation Costa Nova, close to the junction of Calle Halcones and Calle Palmera.

Social media networks were active within seconds of the tremor being felt with many people likening the experience to a huge explosion which shook buildings whilst others suggested that it felt like a huge truck have crashed into their home. There were reports of the quake being felt not only in Xàbia and Poble Nou del Benitatxell but also in Moraira, Benissa, Teulada, Dénia and as far away as Xaló and Alcalalí. At the time of writing, the only damage being reported was related to nerves.

Quake Details (IGN)
Date: 21/08/2019
Time (Local): 22:00:10
Latitude: 38.7477
Longitude: 0.2004
Depth (km): 5
Magnitude: 2.8 mbLg
Intensity: IV (light)

The quake was the second of the day in the Comunidad Valenciana. At just after 7.00pm a tremor measuring 2.4 was recorded in the Gulf of Valencia some 50 kilometres due east of the city. Being a seismic zone, the south-east corner of Spain is prone to tremors with at least one small quake felt each year. And more than 50 quakes have been detected across the peninsular region just this week, the strongest of which was recorded in the Gulf of Cadiz, a 3.5 tremor early yesterday morning. The most recent earthquake of some note was eight years ago on May 11th 2011 when a magnitude 5.1 shook the ground close to Lorca in Murcia, killing 9 people and injuring 403. It was felt in Madrid and Valencia and extensive damage was caused to old buildings.


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