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Limiting visits aims to help preserve the value of the site and prevent overcrowding.

Thursday 13th June 2019


Access to the hugely popular Cova Tallada will be restricted from this Saturday 15th June and throughout the summer to the end of September after a resolution was passed by the Dirección General de Medio Natural y Evaluación Ambiental de la Generalitat Valencian earlier this week. Those intending to visit this special cave, either by land or sea, will need to request prior authorisation to do so and daily visitor numbers will be restricted to avoid overcrowding at the site.

Cova Tallada - the Carved Cave - is an old stone quarry located on the northern flanks of the Cabo de San Antonio headland. Stone hewn from its walls provided the blocks that built the castle at Dénia and the ancient church of San Bartolomé in the heart of the historic centre of Xàbia, amongst others. After an study was made in 2017 over the use of the cave by the general public, it became clear that the huge influx of visitors during the summer months, both by land and sea, was detrimental to the environment of the cave and restrictions were brought in to action the following summer.

The restriction aims to preserve the conservation of the environmental, landscape and heritage value of the site as well as reduce the risk of accidents. During the restricted period, the maximum number of people visiting at any one time to 71 and the restrictions are applicable to the interior of the cave and its immediate surroundings.

Applications for prior authorisation to visit Cova Tallada can be made via this link and the authorisation is only valid for the day and time period indicated. Each request is limited to a maximum of five people and can be made no more than 10 days in advance. Authorisation must be carried during the trip as well as the DNI or identification used for the application and the maximum time spent at the site is 90 minutes. Security forces from both Dénia and Xàbia as well as state security bodies will be monitoring access and compliance.

Active tourism companies registered with the Comunitat Valenciana that offer visits to the cave by way of kayak or other manner are also required to register in advance with the Parc Natural del Montgó with an acknowledgement that they will comply with the required conditions during visits, although those which have an existing certification from the park authorities will be exempt after liaising with the management.

Visits to the cave are made at their visitor's own risk; there is mobile phone coverage at the site. Access to the cave is dangerous and not recommended to those who are not used to such terrain and visits should not be attempted during storms. Visitors should always wear proper footwear and carry plenty of water.

More information about visiting the cave can be sought at the visitor centre of the Parc Natural del Montgó in Camí San Joan, Dénia, which is open between 9.00am and 2.00pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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