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The official proclamation acts precede the start of the biggest party of the year

Monday 10th June 2019


Inés Doménech Font and Júlia Badenes Catalá have been crowned as Fogueres Queens in an emotional weekend that precedes the start of the biggest party of the year in Xàbia. The two formal ceremonies took place on Saturday and Sunday evenings and were attended by many hundreds of local residents of all ages as well as curious onlookers visiting the town. The two queens will now be representing the town as events across the region as well as other special occasions such as the famous Fallas in Valencia and international tourism fairs in Madrid.

Inés Domenech took the stage at the end of an emotion but rather windswept Saturday night to be crowned as Regina Major de la Foguera 2019. The student, who hopes to become a midwife, has been involved in the celebrations of Sant Joan since she was very young and, speaking to javea.com, she said that, although she likes the whole programme, the final two nights - the Nit dels Focs and Día de Sant Joan are special for her, although this year there will be even more emotion because they will mean that their fiesta - Quinta 2019 'Xé, Quin Desastre!' - will be over. Since being elected by her peers back in October she has had to combine studying with preparations for her special role but is looking forward to the start of the festivities "because we deserve them".

Prior to the crowning, the 86 young people which form Quinta 2019 'Xé, Quin Desastre' were introduced, the protagonists who will be centre stage for the main events which begin this Friday 14th June and they are led by the two presidents Israel Aguilar Parrilla and Marina Mosquera Alberola. During the formal ceremony, the 2018 representatives were able to be congratulated on their time in office and Marta Arnal, Fogueres Queen 2018, tearfully advised this year's group to enjoy their special moments to the full because they pass very quickly. The 2019 court was presented as the final act of this long ceremony with Queen Inés Domenech flanked by her two ladies-in-waiting María Sobrino Buigues and María Signes Font and they took their seats to great applause and with fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Eight-year-old Júlia Badenes took to the stage with great confidence on Sunday evening to be crowned Reginal Infantil de la Foguera 2019. Since being selected by draw last October, Júlia has been preparing herself to be the main representative of the younger members of the community and, speaking to javea.com, she said that she can't wait for the festivities to begin and is especially looking forward to the float parade "because it's a lot of fun to throw sweets and be on the float with my friends".

The official ceremony was opened with the introduction of the 34 youngsters who form this year's junior commission led by presidents Marian Fresnada Buigues and Moisés Cardona Puig. They were followed by 89 excited youngsters who took the stage with great enthusiasm to collect a small token (sweets shaped into a bouquet), wave enthusiastically at the crowd and then take their seats on the stage where they shuffled patiently for the main act of the evening, the crowning of Júlia Badenes, flanked by her ladies-in-waiting Aranxta Sart Mata and Amaia Fresneda Buigues.

And now everyone will wait patiently for the start of the festivities of the Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia 2019 this Friday 14th June, the day of the pregón when everyone will gather in front of the church in the very heart of the historic centre to hear Inés and Júlia proclaim that Xàbia is in fiesta!

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