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José Chulvi is seeking a third successive term whilst Rosa Cardona aims to become first female mayor

Friday 24th May 2019

The people of Xàbia will be going to the polls this Sunday in the municipal elections to select the people to guide the immediate future of the town for the next four years. Chulvi's PSOE which has overseen the development of the town since 2011 remain favourites to claim the most seats on the council but will they repeat the landslide of four years ago? Rosa Cardona of the Partido Popular (PP) is aiming to become the first female mayor of Xàbia and has been building on what has been perceived to be a disappointing four year term of broken promises and failed projects. The independent party Ciudadanos por Jávea (CPJ) could be the dark horses, looking to break the dominance of the national parties by offering a manifesto that aims to look after local people rather than play national party politics. Compromís are seeking the opportunity to make a change for Xàbia, to finish once and for all the outstanding projects of the auditorium and swimming pool whilst also controlling further development. The youngest candidate Enrique Escrivà of Cuidadanos (Cs) is looking to reactivate the economy of Xàbia by making it easier to start a business whilst Bernhard Feiner of Podemos is offering a policy of encouraging the renovation of existing housing rather than building more. So who is going to attract your vote on Sunday?

A street survey carried out by javea.com, in which more than 80% of the 307 respondents claimed to have already decided their vote. suggested that the socialists will once again claim a majority in the voting, securing 12 of the 21 available seats on the local council to take absolute control of the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia; the Partido Popular and Cuidadanos por Jávea are predicted to claim three seats apiece whilst Cuidadanos and Comprimís are likely to claim just a single seat each. An online poll on xabiaaldia.com suggests that Ciudadanos por Jávea will dominate the elections with PSPV-PSOE second and PP third.

The elections work on the proportional representation system which means that the voter is choosing the party rather than the personality - although the latter often plays a part in making the decision - and each party presented a list of 21 candidates, the first name on the list being the party's selection for the post of mayor. The rest of the seats are allocated in order of the presented list. So if the PSPV-PSOE does indeed claim 12 seats, the first 12 on their list will be called into office as councillors for 2019-2023.

For more information about the individual party proposals for the town, click on the links provided below:

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javeamigos.com | CPJ

javeamigos.com | Compromis per Jávea

javeamigos.com | PP

javeamigos.com | PSPV-PSOE

javeamigos.com | Podemos







javeamigos.com | Ciudadanos

javeamigos.com | CPJ

javeamigos.com | Compromis per Xàbia

javeamigos.com | PP

 javeamigos.com | PSPV-PSOE

javeamigos.com | PSPV-PSOE

"Reactivate Xàbia"

 "Now more than ever"

"Ready for the Future"

"100% Xàbia"

"The Xàbia You Love"

"The Moment is Now"

Enrique Escrivá

 Juan Ortolá

Vicent Colomer

Rosa Cardona

José Chulvi

 Bernhard Feiner

Friday 24th May, 8.30pm
Paseo Maritimo

Friday 24th May, 8.30pm
Parque Reina Sofia

Friday 24th May, 9.00pm
Pl Marina Alta-Correos

Friday 24th May, 8.30pm
Plaça de l'Esglèsia

Friday 24th May, 9.00pm
Placeta del Convent

Friday 24th May, 8.00pm
Plaza Jaime I

"Xàbia needs to offer opportunities to those who are already here so they don't have to shut up shop and leave. We need to create stable and quality employment by offering the facilities to those seeking work and encourage them to stay."

"It's time for local politics and to say goodbye to the political steamroller of an absolute majority of the socialist government. We need to address the lack of opportunities as well as affordable housing; to make Xàbia a friendlier and more welcoming place."

"Four years ago Chulvi absorbed the useful vote due to the fear of the right. Now a vote for Compromís is a vote to change Xàbia. I want to look at the problem and try to solve them; to finish the projects such as the auditorium and swimming pool; to plan for urban sustainability and housing."

"We are committed to connecting and revitalizing the three centres of Xàbia. We want to develop the Paseo del Montañar to connect the Port and the Arenal and create a space that respects and is integrated into the natural landscape. It is a project vital for Xàbia."

"My goal is to continue maintaining the climate of stability, confidence and tranquility. Our government has changed the reality of Xàbia and we have been on the side of the people. We defend those values which make us unique and with which we identify ourselves."

"We need to protect the real 'Treasure of Xàbia', the beauty of its nature, by bringing property speculation to an end and encouraging the renovation of existing housing. We don't see the need for the creation of 300 new houses every year"

More Information
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More Information
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More Information
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More Information
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More Information
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Manifesto Online
external website link]

2. Ana Mª Mata
3. Ana Silva
4. Ana Luz Lillo
5. Josñe Ebri
6. Mª Ángeles Moreno
7. Roberto Frías
8. Altamira Juana Perea
9. Francisco Javier Martin
10. Agustine Esteve
11. Isabel Plaza
12. Juanjo Bertomeu
13. Shakeel Malik
14. Ana de Lope
15. Amanda Climent
16. Verònica Bou
17: Lorenzo Ribes
18. Teresa Monllor
19. Mari Fe Bayoneta
20. Juan Carlos Generoso
21. Raúl de Lope

2. Susane Ern
3. Abel Moll
4. César Rodríguez
5. Mavi Pérez
6. José Prada
7. Esther Tormos
8. Juan Garreta
9. Adrian Jiménez
10. Jaime Escudero
11. Marí Caballero
12. Vicente Soler
13. Guillermo Bulofer
14. Fini Martí
15. Sisco Vallés
16. Antonio Rodríguez
17. Mª Carmen Rivas
18. David Cordero
19. Pedro Prats
20. Gema Piedehierro
21. Andrés Martínez

2. Juan A. Cardona
3. Llúcia Signes
4. Arnau Castell
5. Rosa Mª Puig
6. Carme Catalá
7. Paco Bisquet
8. Mar Reus
9. Jordi Giego García
10. Leticia Bisquert
11. Rosana Marí
12. Amadeu Ros
13. Tere Chorro
14. Rafa Rocher
15. Aina Gómez
16. Eduardo Pastor
17. Isa Puig
18. Olímpia Bas
19. Tere Catalá
20. Francesc Reus
21.Josepa Chorro

2. Óscar Antón
3. Juan José García
4. Juan Luis Cardona
5. Teresa Legay
6. Pere Joan Sapena
7. Clara Sapena
8. Terence Curran
9. Elena Watmough
10. José Juan Peñalver
11. Jennifer Schuster
12. Isabel Nadal
13. José Luis Cholbi
14. Mª Llanos López
15. Julián Meneses
16. Clara Cardona
17. Rosa Mª Pérez
18. Juan José Sapena
19. Alexandra Marquez
20. Alberto Tur
21. Pat Bramah

2. Isabel Bolufer
3. Quico Moragues
4. Rita Berruti
5. Ximo Segarra
6. Kika Mata
7. Alberto Tur
8. Montse Villaverde
9. Antoni Miragall
10. Marta Bañuls
11. Pepa Gisbert
12. Doris Courcelles
13. Jose Luís Luengo
14. Pilar Zamora
15. José Serrat
16. Loreto Bolufer
17. Esperanza Morais
18. Cristina García
19. Javier Bonet
20. Pepa Guardiola
21. George Thomas

2. Miriam Pintos
3. Álex Aguilar
4. Vicenta Cruanyes
5. José Vicente Catalá
6. Julia Rodrñiguez
7. Ángel Hernández
8. Isa Rodríguez
9. Josep Lluis Avinyó
10. Ana Belén Fernández
11. Charles Duhtu
12. Vega Muñoz
13. José Miguel Monfort
14. Eva Parrila
15. Josep Palomares
16. Maloles Saolís
17. Andrew Shaw
18. Cintia Tur
19. Luís Cerdá
20. Lola Sánchez
21. Rubén Martínez


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