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A new rescue centre is to be built in the Ramblars zone

Wednesday 24th April 2019


As kitten season kicks in, two non-profit associations Catland Jávea and Jávea Feral Cats have been stretched to the limit, receiving a never-ending stream of calls about abandoned cats on the streets of the municipality. Now they are reaching breaking point with cats and kittens everywhere and some of them living in disgusting and filthy abandoned areas of Xàbia.

If it wasn't for the kind, caring and dedicated volunteers, the kittens would have died of starvation or at best survived to continue a never-ending cycle of procreation and adding to the huge problem of abandoned cats on the streets. A solution is being put in place but these associations need help, both financially and physically.

Jávea will soon have its own cat reception centre which will not only rescue and care for abandoned kittens and cats but also provide an adoption procedure including adoptions abroad where the demand for felines is high. Catland Jávea will be a happy place that will welcome all volunteers to help in the wellbeing of the animals and the upkeep of the reception centre in general. And one of the objectives of Catland Jávea is to educate the young people of Xàbia about the importance of sterilisation and their aim is for school and colleges to visit the reception centre to interact and learn how to be responsible pet owners, education being the key to the solution.

The association has received permission to build this centre on land in the Ramblars zone of Xàbia and through fundraising events such as auctions, coffee mornings and dances, collection tins and kind donations, some 12,000 euros has been raised. So it is now ready to start to create the centre. However much more funding is needed as well as help in the centre's construction. Local businesses are being asked to sponsor Catland Jávea in order to give something back to the community and recognition of their contributions will be dutifully afforded by the association. Holding events, donating items for auctions or financial donations will help a great deal. The association wants as many people to involved in this project and make the centre a place to be proud of. Together with the Jávea Feral Cats association, a big difference can be made, not only to the felines but also to the neighbourhoods where the abandoned cats cause an annoyance.

More information can be found and donations made through the Catland Jávea website here, by emailing djcjwall@hotmail.com or by phone on 663-017-029.


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