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Dutch company Bike2Use sees the town as a perfect location for such a scheme

Friday 8th March 2019


A new way of cycling around Xàbia has been launched after Dutch company Bike2Use introduced a new system of automatic renting of bicycles which is already very popular across Europe. Using a special app which can be downloaded onto your mobile phone, the bikes can be collected from a number of parking zones located across the municipality and used for a charge of just 1 euro for 30 minutes.

It is the first time that a private company has developed such a scheme in the Marina Alta region. A similar innovation was launched in Denia by the council over a decade ago but it was not a popular method of getting around town with just twenty-one subscribers in a year and it was abandoned last summer.

But Dutch company Bike2Use appear confident that the public in Xàbia will be more enthusiastic to "join the cycling evolution" and adopt a habit that prevails in such countries as Holland and Denmark. The distinctive bright yellow bikes are of high-quality with three gears and an adjustable saddle. They have been designed to be safe, comfortable and easy to ride with motion activated front and rear lights and a bell.

The App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store by searching for "Bike2Use" and once downloaded and installed, the registration process is simple. Once registered, the App will be active and you can find the closest of bike to your current location of the 65 that the company has initially made available. (you'll need to make sure that your phone's GPS locator is switched on). Selecting a bike icon on the map will give basic information about that bike as well as an optimal route to reach it, including distance and estimated walking time. To pay, you need to register a debit or credit card (VIA, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Amex)

When you find a bike, you scan the QR code on the read of its frame and it will be unlocked. (There is also an option to manually enter the 7-digit bike code if the bike fails to unlock by this method.) You will be charged 1 euro for 30 minutes use or you can choose to have an annual membership for 89 euros which entitles you to four 30 minutes rides a day. There are also day passes and one-week and two-week passes available. When finished, you simply cycle to the nearest parking space as shown on the in-App map, close the lock on the rear wheel and mark the trip as complete using the App.

Bike2Use believes that Xàbia is a perfect location to kick off a bike sharing service in the area and hopes that locals as well as tourists visiting the town will take advantage of the system, for instance to cycle to the beach. Their aim is to have some 200 bikes available.

Click here for more information about Bike2Use in Xàbia >>


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