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Originally from Bavaria, Feiner wants to have the opportunity to make things better for Xàbia

Tuesday 12th February 2019


Last Saturday in Valencia, the Podemos political party presented its candidates for the forthcoming municipal elections and announced that Bernhard Feiner was the elected nomination for mayor of Xàbia. Feiner, who was born and raised in Bavaria in Germany before moving to Spain in 1990, attracted 100% of the vote from his party.

Bernhard Feiner moved to Valencia in 1990 and arrived in Xàbia in 1995. He has worked at secondary schools in Benissa and Xàbia before moving to the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Xàbia in 2004. He currently holds the position of Head of Studies at EOI Dénia. He is married with two daughters.

Feiner was an activist in Germany, participating in the anti-nuclear struggle for which he was once arrested. After moving to Spain, he became more and more frustrated by the years of corruption and apparent punishment of the middle and lower classes and by the fact that the demonstrations in which he participated didn't bear any fruit. He saw the emergence of PODEMOS in the political picture as a new start, providing a new hope to making changes.

In 2016 Feiner attended a meeting of Podemos Xàbia with his wife and found a group of friendly people full of good positive ideas with the enthusiasm to make them a reality. They became active members of the Xàbia branch and he sees the forthcoming municipal elections as a great opportunity to make things better in the town. He sees it as necessary to maintain the heritage of Xàbia and its radiant beauty and to protect it from urban development whilst also providing affordable housing for everyone, an efficient public transport system and encouraging stable employment. He says that he wants to achieve all of this through hard work because, as the Podemos slogan says, ¡SÍ SE PUEDE! - IT CAN BE!

Click here for more information on the Podemos candidates for the forthcoming municipal elections >>

Municipales Eleccions - Podemos

El sábado pasado tuvo lugar en el MUVIM de Valencia la presentación de las candidaturas de Podemos para las elecciones del 26 de mayo. En las elecciones primarias del Círculo de Podemos Xàbia ha salido elegido como candidato a la alcaldía el Sr Bernhard Feiner. Los resultados y datos personales sobre él y las otras personas que se presentan en la lista de Podemos Xàbia se encuentran en este link.

Al mismo tiempo queremos informarles de que aún no está cerrado el programa electoral, y que para terminarlo empezaremos pronto una ronda de contactos con diferentes asociaciones de Xàbia, y que cualquier persona que quiera contactar con nosotros para participar en la elaboración de este programa o con otro fin, lo puede hacer en el nuestra página web.


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