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Volunteers are looking for 40,000 euros to create cat refuge in Xàbia

Thursday 31st January 2019


The Asociación Catland Jávea is seeking funding to create a sanctuary for cats and kittens which would otherwise be living on the streets, providing a safe environment where they can be water, fed and have the best chance of finding a new home. The association is looking to raise some 40,000 euros which will cover the construction of the refuge and the initial maintenance costs for the cats as well as help spreading the word to raise its profile.

Representative from the non-profit organisation Claire Wall explained that the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has already offered some 3,000 square metres of land in the Ramblars zone for the purpose. Once the funding is available, the refuge will be constructed and then run by volunteers, providing a safe place for cats which would otherwise be living in colonies in the streets of the local area and be considered a nuisance to the local community and tourists alike.

The proposal is for a maximum of 150 rescued cats and kittens to be able to be accommodated in the refuge. There will be a local 24-hour veterinary support service available and the conditions developed to enable an adoption scheme so that the cats have an opportunity to fulfill their lives in a loving home. The association's ultimate aim is to rescue and re-house as many cats as it possible can, to get the colonies off the streets.

To achieve this aim, the association is relying on the generosity of the local community whose donations will help make it happen. This can be achieved through the association GoFundMe page here as well as via PayPal or by direct bank transfer (account details available on the association website: see below). Volunteers are also needed for there is a lot of work to be done at Catland - and it will never stop. Raising awareness will also help the objective become a reality so the association relies on people spreading the word about their efforts and making more people aware of their desire to help stray and abandoned cats.

For more information, interested parties and potential donors can visit the association website here as well as keep up-to-date with all the latest information on their Facebook page here.


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