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The ISVH Bomberos Voluntarios have been provided support since 1981

Tuesday 29th January 2019

JAVEA NEWS | Bomberos Voluntarios ISVH

The ISVH Bomberos Voluntarios, based in Balcón al Mar, have released details of their activities for 2018 during which they continued to demonstrate their commitment to the safety of the residents and visitors to Xàbia. The group, which forms part of the ISVH residents association in the zone, has provided the town's only dedicated fire-fighting service since 1981 and have been involved in some of the biggest fires of recent years including the devastating infernos that burnt large areas of La Plana in 2014 and La Granadella in 2016.

Although it wasn't the busiest of the years for the group, their 17 volunteer fire-fighters and three support staff, formed from a mixed group of foreign nationals, provided some 2,700 hours of support during 2018 including fire-fighting duties and call-outs to deal with flooding and storm damage. They were also on hand to provide fire protection services during the popular Fogueres de Sant Joan fiesta and Festival Internacional events in June and a support service during the Mirador Challenge.

During the summer the group provided patrols through the forested areas of Xàbia in order to act as a first-response to the outbreak of fire in these areas which are most at risk during the hot and dry season. Over recent years these patrols have dealt with fires in their early stages and extinguished them before they can grow into major incidents.

In addition to providing support, the group carried out some 800 hours of training ranging from fire-fighting skills to other emergency situations such as dealing with fallen trees and flooding. Specialist training was also conducted for Advance First, mountaineering and rescue evacuations. Thus the ISVH Bomberos Voluntarios offers a huge commitment to keeping Xàbia safe all year round.

Being a volunteer group, they also carry out many fund-raising events to provide the finance to carry out these activities. The group needs some 25,000 euros a year to run effectively so the volunteers themselves use their spare time to raise funds as well as supporting other causes and charities. Donations are always welcome whilst the public can also support the many fund-raising events that take place at their headquarters in Balcón-al-Mar.


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