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javeamigos.com | AD FEATURE - SILVASOL

Monday 3rd December 2018

ADVERTISING FEATURE | Silvasol - Recent Abolition of Sun Tax

Although we still have to be cautious about the abolition of the sun tax that was recently approved by the Spanish Government through Royal Decree-Law 2018 of October 5th, Silvasol wants to try and explain the main benefits for consumers and producers of this type of renewable energy.

- The main update is that the abolition removes the charge imposed of the consumer for energy generated and consumed through its own installation – the so-called “SUN TAX” – which varied according to the size of the installation and use of the generated energy.

- Domestic installations and those which are not going to be linked to the national grid will no longer be required to ask the electricity company for permission to install.

- There will be an acknowledgement of the right to “shared self-consumption” so that from right now and whilst the final regulations are pending, such generated energy can be shared between neighbours.

- It will be permitted to install more solar power potential than that contracted with the electricity company.

- It is no longer necessary for the solar panel installation to be located on the same building as the consumers; it can be installed “next” to it.

- It is no longer necessary to register in the self-consumption register.

- The “battery” tax which was approved in 2015 and consequently discouraged the use of solar power storage systems by self-consumers is abolished.

- The cost of the fines for non-compliance has been reduced so that it doesn’t exceed 10% of the annual billing of the consumer or, if greater, through surpluses.

Silvasol encourages you to take advantage of the new regulations that have taken a definite step towards self-consumption and consequently benefit from great savings on your electricity bill. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and our specialist technicians will advise you of the best solution for your needs.

Click here to find out more about Silvasol >>


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