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Provincial funding worth 170,000 euros helped recovery project of the zone

Friday 7th December 2018

JAVEA NEWS | Granadella Post-Fire Clearance Work

The Ayuntamiento de Xàbia has announced that work on the recovery of the Granadella zone after the devastating fire of September 2016 has concluded, a project that has been funded by a grant from the Diputación de Alicante worth some 170,000 euros. Actions have been carried not only for the environmental and landscape restoration of the area but also to prevent a repeat of the destruction caused by one of the worst blazes in living memory.

Fire broke out on during the afternoon of Sunday 4th September on the western slopes of the Puig Llorença, close to the viewpoint that overlooks the village of Poble Nou de Benitatxell. With air temperatures nudging 40°c and a strong wind, the fire quickly spread but initially appeared to have been dealt with by ground and air fire-fighting assets. But as darkness fell the nightmare was just beginning. To the south of Xàbia the hills were silhouetted by an eerie orange glow as fire erupted once again and this time engulfed a huge area of the Granadella zone and threatened the urbanisations located around it. It took a week for the fire to be declared under control and another day before it could be declared as extinguished. Read more about the Great Fire of 2016 here.

Just over two years later, work to promote the recovery of the area has been concluded. The project has involved the clearing of trees on municipal lands as part of the forest fire prevention initiative, the cutting and treatment of burnt trees in the Umbría de Les Cansalades zone and the planting of new species more resistant to fire such as carob and wild olive. Terrace walls have also been restored and special retaining structures built from the trunks of burned trees which had to be removed to stop erosion in the case of heavy rains.

This week councillor Kika Mata (Services) inspected the work that has been carried and visited a renovated lime kiln which was uncovered during the recovery project.


El Ayuntamiento de Xàbia da por terminadas las actuaciones de prevención de incendios forestales y restauración ambiental y paisajística en el monte de la Granadella incluidas en un plan subvencionado por la Diputación de Alicante con cerca de 170.000 euros. Esta intervención ha supuesto trabajos silvícolas de prevención de incendios (clareo de árboles) en terrenos municipales, el corte y tratamiento de la madera quemada en la Umbría de Les Cansalades y la plantación de nuevas especies más resistentes al fuego (algarrobos y acebuches).

También se ha restaurado los márgenes de los abancalamientos y realizado fajinas con los troncos de los árboles quemados para así frenar la erosión en caso de fuertes lluvias. Esta semana la concejala de Servicios, Kika Mata, ha supervisado el resultado de los trabajos forestales y de mejora en un horno de cal existente en la zona. 


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