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Diputación de Alicante plans to construct a roundabout every 500m

Sunday 20th August 2017

JAVEA NEWS | Carretera de Jesús Pobre - Roundabouts

The Diputación de Alicante has revealed plans to drastically change the layout of the Carretera de Jesús Pobre CV-735 between Xàbia and La Xara by installing a network of mini-roundabouts to improve safety along a stretch of road that has become renowned for accidents.

A study into a five kilometre section of the road by the 'Área de Servicios e Infrastructuras, Departmento de Carreteras (Vías y Obras)' suggested that the majority of accidents had been caused by vehicles turning left across the carriageway or trying to access the main road from side roads with limited visibility and has proposed that a series of mini-roundabouts would eliminate these risks, especially those with limited visibility, and improve road safety.

These junctions would be placed roughly every 500m along the section at points where the volume of traffic turning onto the main road from the surrounding urbanisations is particularly high, where limited visibility creates a serious risk of accidents, or where undeveloped land allows the building of the mini-roundabout. The study also concluded that there was a direct relationship between speeding and accidents along a stretch of road where the maximum speed is 50km/h and consequently the creation of mini-roundabouts would help moderate the velocity of traffic.

The proposed locations of the mini-roundabout are:

1 · Carretera de Jesús Pobre / Calle Italia
2 · Carretera de Jesús Pobre / Calle Cuenca (Bar Tiffany)
3 · Carretera de Jesús Pobre / Calle Pic de Montsià (Huertos del Montgó)
4 · Carretera de Jesús Pobre / Calle Campanilles / Calle Tobago (Rte. El Gaucho)
5 · Carretera de Jesús Pobre / Access Urbanización El Montgó ( Calle Puid d'Olocau)
6 · Carretera de Jesús Pobre / Calle de Altar (Ferretería)
7 · Carretera de Jesús Pobre / Calle Assagador de les Valls
8 · Carretera de Jesús Pobre / Calle de Piscis (former Rte. Los Amigos del Montgó)

javeamigos.com | CTRA DE JESUS POBRE

El Diputación propone ocho rotundas para la Carretera de Jesús Pobre
El plan proponse una rotunda cada 500 metres a lo largo de un tramo de cinco kilometros de la carretera.

La Diputación de Alicante se ha propuesto cambiar un parte de la Carretera de Jesús Pobre CV-735 entre Xàbia y La Xara con una red de rotondas para mejorar la seguridad a lo largo de un tramo de carretera que tiene muchos accidentes.


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