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And it won't get any better after confirmation that 'Vado Permanente' applications could take months

Monday 17th July 2017

JAVEA NEWS | New Parking Zone Port

Residents in the Costa Nova area of Xàbia are up in arms after enduring a chaotic weekend thanks to the new park and ride pilot scheme to the Granadella cove which is closed to traffic between 10am and 7pm each day. With the car-park that was created specifically for the purpose quickly filling to capacity, visitors to the area have been parking in the streets, some blocking driveways which has left residents unable to access or leave their own houses and declaring that the situation has become a 'living hell'.

Various forums on social media have been filling quickly at the end of a miserable weekend for the residents. Whilst some have been blocked in and unable to leave their houses by vehicle, including two volunteer firefighters, others have endured a sharp rise in the amount of rubbish thrown not only in the street but also into their own property whilst dust kicked up from the dirt car-park has produced a dirty coating in swimming pools and washing drying on lines. And there are safety concerns as the amount of cars being forced to park in the street have produced dangerous situations in which junctions have become choked with vehicles making them difficult to see and safely negotiate.

The police have been unable to assist with the complaints since many of those who have found their driveways blocked have not been displaying the 'Vado Permanente' signs which would mean that any vehicle doing so can be legally towed away. As the law stands, if a resident does not have such a status, parking in front of their driveway is not illegal. As a result, residents have sought advice from the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia on applying for these special designations but have been dismayed to have discovered that it was unlikely that any would be processed in time to deal with the chaos of this summer. And whilst the Ayuntamiento has been declaring that the early indications are that the trial park-and-ride scheme has been successful, residents around the car-park are less impressed, accusing the Council of not consulting them in the planning proposals and declaring that their lives have become hell, declaring that it didn't care about them so long as the scheme was seen to be working.

And the chaos has not been limited to the Costa Nova area. Possibly as a consequence of the Granadella restrictions, access to the Barraca beach area saw a marked increase over the weekend over its normal summer chaos with some media claiming that it was taking almost 30 minutes to drive from the main road of Ctra. Cap de la Nau to the bottom of the road. Granadella might be nice and peaceful. But that's of little consolation to residents who are suffering from choked streets and blocked driveways.

Photo courtesy of Jackie Sharpe

UPDATE: A residents meeting had been arranged for Monday 31st July at The Lounge Bar. Councillor Kika Mata (Services) who is part of the team which implemented the pilot project offered to attend to face the residents and answer any queries but her offer was declined by the organisers without explanation.


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