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Options also sought for renovation of pavements in Avda. Paris and urbanisation of end of Calle Génova

Tuesday 30th August 2016


The August council meeting of the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia published details for the tender of five public works projects which include the specifications for the renovation of the Triana bridge at the mouth of the River Gorgos, budgeted at 29,000 euros,  and the design of a new bridge over the river at Calle Génova (36,000 euros). Other projects include the renovation of pavements in Avenida de Paris, the development of streets either side of the Canal de la Fontana and the extension of Calle Génova in the Arenal zone.

The council meeting also ratified a mayoral decree which will request funding from the Diputación de Alicante to assist with the renovation of the Triana bridge, budgeted at 567,382 euros with the provincial grant amounting to 55% of the total, some 312,060 euros. The project would involve the demolition of the existing bridge at the mouth of the river which suffered structural damage during the floods of 2007 and has been closed to heavy traffic including local buses for the past few years. A new wider bridge would be built, expanding its width from 12 to 15 metres.

The second project would be the construction of a new bridge at the end of Calle Génova, some 200 metres upstream from the Triana bridge, that would provide a parallel alternative route to the Arenal zone to alleviate congestion during the high season along the Muntanyar I coastal road.

Another three projects were agreed by the council meeting: the renovation of the pavements in Avenida de Paris in the Arenal, budgeted at 6,500 euros; the development of the borders of Canal de la Fontana - Calle Canal Norte and Calle Canal Sur - which has an estimated costs of some 22,200 euros; and the development of the final section of Calle Génova between Calle Pisa and the Parador Nacional de Turismo in the Arenal zone, budgeted for 14,500 euros.

A press release issued by Xàbia Democratica outlined the details of the Question and Answer session carried out at the end of the council meeting which was not reported in the official press release from the Ayuntamiento de Jávea. We reproduce the release below:

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the requests, complaints and questions we made during the last regular Council session for August which had only 7 points on the agenda and concluded without any problems. At the end of the plenary, in the question and answer session, JuanLu Cardona made some suggestions and asked various questions; we report here on some of the most interesting in our opinion.

1. He regretted that there was no Xabia Town Hall representative at the closing of the regional employment workshops. In the past, either a councillor or the Mayor has always represented Xabia.

2. He asked whether the old building where the department for town planning used to be and which is now empty after the move to the new Town Hall would, apart from the Magistrates Court, be suitable for legal voluntary local associations, clubs and groups which currently  have no decent place to meet and work. Interestingly, this building was formerly already earmarked for this necessity.

3. He suggested  that next year a plan should be drawn up to make improvements to tourist services, not to continue with  "business as usual" and, for the sake of our economy, make our town offer better quality to our loyal tourists, whose numbers have increased. Measures such as:

  • Install an inflatable play platform at the Arenal beach as well.
  • Paint the markings on pedestrian crossings well before the summer season and not begin to do it during the month of July.
  • Thoroughly clear bushes and weeds from agricultural roads, since many of these are used for traffic through routes.
  • Install marker buoys which have a fixed anchor to the bottom, so they do not move with the wind and can control the mooring of boats. (This would work well in preventing vessels from intruding into the swimming area, as happens in the Caleta beach and Calablanca. They should also install more buoys to anchor the many boats that visit us and "invade" Cala Sardinera, for example. This could be avoided with close monitoring ensuring that the boats are only moored to stipulated buoys and can not anchor directly on to the sea bed harming the posidonia sea grass beds.)
  • Organize clear access to the port and the most important and most popular beaches such as Granadella. Keep track of parking spaces available and display the numbers using a computer controlled large screen to advise tourists before they get to the beach whether  there are parking spaces or not, (as is done in other tourist spots in Spain) This will reduce the number of cars and avoid problems at the beach. And, if it is necessary, introduce a Minibus service when the beach is full, to transport people to and from the beaches.
  • Create a special team for the two main summer months if necessary, to  maintain the cleanliness of the beaches. They should clean the main beaches of litter, sea debris and seaweed every day. This would maintain the excellence of our waters.
  • Put new and effective footbaths and/or showers if necessary.

Oscar Anton also took the opportunity to request that the existing Project to build the new bridge over the Rio Gorgos that would join Genoa Street to Via Augusta should be started. He was critical that, since last year, there has not  been a planning committee meeting and he asked when the next one would be, in order to try to find out how well the General Plan is progressing. We also asked when will the new cover for the football field be fitted. They said they will put it out to tender shortly. And apparently, regarding the Casa Candelaria in la Calle Roques, there is nothing planned for it at the moment.

Xàbia licita la redacción de los proyectos de rehabilitación del puente de Triana y de un nuevo puente sobre la calle Génova
También busca proyectistas para obras como la reforma de aceras en la Avenida París y la urbanización de los márgenes del Canal de la Fontana y el final de la calle Génova

El Ayuntamiento de Xàbia ha publicado hoy los pliegos para la licitación de los proyectos para cinco obras públicas. Se trata de dos paquetes a los que se puede optar bien de forma individual  o por lote. Uno de ellos engloba el proyecto de ejecución para la rehabilitación del Puente sobre el Río Gorgos (Puente de Triana) con un presupuesto de salida de 29.000 euros y el proyecto básico de un nuevo puente en la calle Génova (con licitación de 36.000 euros).

Precisamente ayer en el pleno ordinario de agosto se ratificó por unanimidad un decreto de alcaldía por el que se solicita a la Diputación una subvención para la rehabilitación del puente de Triana, presupuestada en 567.382 euros y que se postula para incluirse en una línea de financiación provincial que asumiría el 55% del total (312.060 euros). La obra supondrá derribar el puente existente en la desembocadura del río (que sufrió daños estructurales en la riada de 2007) y rehacerlo de nuevo con mayor amplitud, pasando de 12 a 15 metros de ancho.

El otro de los puentes planificados, esta vez de nueva construcción y a la altura de la calle Génova, se plantea como una infraestructura que serviría para dar continuidad a toda la vía convirtiéndola en una alternativa paralela al Primer Muntanyar y por tanto, útil para descongestionar el tráfico en este vial junto al mar.

Respecto al otro de los lotes que Xàbia saca hoy a concurso incluye los proyectos para  tres intervenciones en el viario: la reforma de las aceras en la Avenida de París (zona apartamentos L'Ancora), que sale a licitación por 6.500 euros; el proyecto de urbanización de las calles Canal Norte y Canal Sur (22.200 euros) junto a la Fontana y  proyecto de urbanización de la calle Génova en su tramo final (Pisa/Parador Nacional de Turismo), con licitación desde 14.500 euros.

Todas las adjudicaciones se decidirán a la baja y por procedimiento abierto, por lo que los profesionales interesados pueden presentar oferta en el plazo de 15 naturales a contar a partir de mañana (27 de agosto) ya que hoy se ha publicado el anuncio en el Boletín Oficial de la Provincia. Una vez adjudicado, el contratista deberá comprometerse a tener terminado el trabajo antes del 15 de diciembre.


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