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Fire-fighting assets battled to contain blaze which destroyed two hectares

Wednesday 10th August 2016

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · NOVA XÀBIA FIRE

One of the biggest fears of these hot and dry summer months occurred on Tuesday evening when smoke was spotted rising from behind the hillock of Santa Llúcia. The blaze was reported at 4.45pm in the vicinity of Calle Lastres in Urbanisation Nova Xàbia and forced the evacuation of 14 houses in the area, some 45 people in total, essentially as a precaution although it was later reported that one house was completely destroyed along with two vehicles.

The fire, which ultimately destroyed some two hectares, was attended by fire-fighting assets from the Bomberos, volunteers from the Protección Civil and ISVH Bomberos Balcón al Mar, Policía Local, Guardia Civil and Forestry Brigades whilst traffic was diverted from the immediate area to ensure a quick response from emergency services. The traffic chaos was compounded by an accident in Camí Castellans experienced by a 60-year-old German national who suffered an apparent heart attack and was rushed to the local hospital. In the air, two helicopters and four planes dropped water onto the inferno in an attempt to contain it, burning just a few metres away from houses and the vulnerable Parque Natural del Montgó.

By 7.00pm much of the air support had been withdrawn whilst crews on the ground worked on damping down the affected area in Calle Lastres and by 7.15pm it was declared as being "stabilised". One of the key factors that prevented the fire from spreading was the great coordination between the assets working hard to extinguish the blaze. Following the task from the command post was mayor José Chulvi and his counterpart from Dénia Vicent Grimalt as well as councillors José Luis Luengo (Protección Civil) and Pepa Gisbert (Public Safety). Rain showers on Wednesday morning will have helped continue to make the area safe.


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