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Foreign-plated cars will soon be paying for parking by the beach

Monday 28th December 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS ยท PARKING

Foreign-plated vehicles could soon be paying for parking close to the beach at the Arenal as a new scheme to reduce congestion and boost municipal coffers looks set to be put into place in time for the Easter holidays. This pioneering parking scheme will be piloted during 2016 and if it proves successful it will be rolled out to other areas such as the port.

A source has revealed that the two main car parks along the Avenida de Libertat in the beach area of the Arenal will soon see automatic barriers installed on their entry and exit lanes. These barriers will be fitted with an automatic number plate recognition system which will read the plates of each vehicle wishing to enter the car-park. Those driving cars with Spanish license plates will be allowed access without the need to take a ticket and consequently be allowed to exit without paying the fee. If the system reads a car with foreign plates, a ticket will be issued which will need to be accepted by the driver before the barrier rises to allow access to the car-park. This ticket will need to be inserted in the machine at the exit from the car-park and a small fee paid before exiting. The source suggests that the fee is likely to be around 2 euros but could rise to as much as 5 euros during the summer months.

The source added that the money raised from the parking fees will not wipe out municipal debt but will allow those who visit Xàbia by car to make a valuable contribution to the municipal coffers. The town has become another pioneer in raising funds and providing solutions to congestion and it is a pilot that will be monitored by both Moraira and Calp who see the scheme as a solution to their own parking issues.


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