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Last year more than 50 kilograms of glass per resident was recycled in the town

Thursday 12th November 2015

javeamigos.com | JAVEA NEWS · RECYCLING

Recycling in Xàbia took a huge boost this week when the Ayuntamiento de Xàbia was presented with an award for the volume of glass placed in its recycling bins during the past summer. Ecovidrio, the non-profit organisation responsible for managing the recycling of glass for reuse, made the presentation after collecting 783,820 kilograms during the summer.

According to data provided by the regional offices of Ecovidrio, residents of Xàbia recycled 12% more glass than 2014 which meant that the town met and surpassed the challenge set to sixty coastal municipalities to study the impact of the summer season on recycling, especially the influence of the hospitality industry which uses some 50% of glass products that are sold on the market.

The results were achieved thanks to the expansion in the number of the collection points for glass to cater for the high number of visitors during the summer as well as the increase of activity on the "Horeca" channel which is specifically for the hotel and restaurant sector. In Xàbia, the initiative counted on the cooperation of more than 90 catering establishments. In addition, containers have been re-covered to improve their image and information awareness campaigns were carried out to highlight the importance of continuing the recycling habits during the holidays.

With regards to data relating to 2014, Ecovidrio reported that a total of 1,499,070 kilograms of recycled glass was collected which equates to 51.6 kilograms per resident. In a bid to improve further on those figures, a new combined collection system has been developed with the participation of Cespa which has smaller vehicles which can access parts of the town which Ecovidrio cannot access themselves. Eight containers can now be emptied by Cespa vehicles (including one located opposite the Mercat Municipal to serve restaurants and residents in the historic centre) and their contents transferred to a point where it can be collected by Ecovidro. With regards to the amount of containers available, Xàbia has an average of 126 residents per container, a total of 260 collection points for glass located around the municipality.

To learn more about recycling in Xàbia, click here.


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